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Feb 24 2019

Vintage Hate Hoax: Jan Berger

The hate hoax is hardly a new phenomenon, even if many are becoming aware of it for the first time due to the spectacular collapse of Jussie Smollett’s phony martyrdom. Although it is not possible to add every hoax from out of the past to the Hate Hoax List, let’s make an exception to illustrate how out of control feminism had already become back in 1991. From Davis, California:

For three weeks, discussion in this bucolic college town swirled around a report that a woman was wrestled from her bike by a wilding gang of skateboarding teens and raped on one of the city’s parklike greenbelts.

Townsfolk demanded arrests. Threatening anti-male graffiti, including the slogan “Dead Boys Don’t Rape,” was scrawled on an overpass favored by skateboarders.

The slogan, “Curfew for All Men” also appeared among the graffiti. These grunts of feminist hostility would have been transformed into hashtags had this happened in the #MeToo era.

Police questioned 75 boys. But this weekend the story took another shocking turn when the woman recanted.

Turns out the rape never occurred, as she admitted after a 3½-hour interrogation focusing on inconsistencies in her story.

All those boys were subjected to police interrogations over nothing. Many more were set upon by citizens who subjected them to amateur grillings if they dared to set foot outside. Countless man-hours of police time were wasted.

After the hoax had been debunked, true believers stuck with story, just as Jussie Smollett still has supporters who claim the police are framing him.

Even as word spread that the crime never took place, some local feminists questioned the claim that there had been no rape.

The faux victim, Jan Berger, was 44 years old at the time. Better late than never; please welcome her to the Hate Hoax List. Who knows? Berger might have provided inspiration for fellow northern California hoaxer Christine Blasey Ford.

On a tip from Bill A.

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