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Dec 11 2022

Vintage Hate Hoax: Mahagany Teague

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery March 7, 2020:

The Overton window has been moved so far in the direction of Cultural Marxism that the very words “white pride” constitute not only a hate crime but an offense so onerous that its commission is likely to be a hoax.

Via the Pluralist:

A 41-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday and was being held on $1,000 bail for carving the words “white pride” into the sidewalk in front of a black-owned fitness center [DC Fitness] in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Mahagany Teague is charged with vandalism.

The owner of the gym, Derrick Carson, said he arrived at work at 5 a.m. Monday morning to discover the scrawl. He alerted police and reviewed security camera video to allegedly discover Teague had used a rock to etch the words into the pavement, Carson told ABC-network affiliate WJHL of Johnson City.

Mahagany’s name may be an attempt to spell “mahogany,” which could be used to describe her pigmentation:

Funny, she doesn’t look much like a white supremacist. Please welcome her to the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Come&TakeIt.


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