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Feb 14 2017

Virginia Candidate for Governor Corey Stewart Defends History From Progressive Totalitarians

As in areas controlled by the Islamic State

…so in areas controlled by moonbats:

CHARLOTTESVILLE — Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart came to this town to defend its statue of Robert E. Lee in a downtown park, only to be swarmed by dozens of protesters who shouted him down everywhere he went. …

A divided Charlottesville City Council’s decision last week to remove the statue of the Confederate general gave Stewart an opening to appeal to his base. On social media, he urged people to “defend Virginia’s heritage,” likening those who wanted to remove the statue to tyrants and Nazis.

That’s wrong. The progressives who have been methodically erasing all remnants of Confederate history are not like tyrants. They are tyrants.

But when he tried to take his message to this college town Saturday morning, protesters shouting “White supremacy has got to go!” drowned out his interviews and conversations.

Leftists’ repertoire consists of thuggery and coercion. They apply it both through the law, and through classic fascist street tactics like those on display in Charlottesville.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello, who represented Charlottesville in Congress from 2009 to 2011, supports the statue’s removal as part of creating a more inclusive environment. Lt. Gov Ralph Northam, the Democratic front-runner in the gubernatorial contest, has said local communities should make decisions about Confederate symbols, but held up Charlottesville as a model for creating a “welcoming community.”

As always, being “inclusive” explicitly entails excluding people. A “welcoming community” is one in which regular Americans proud of their heritage feel anything but welcome.

Making U.S. history “inclusive” is accomplished by demonizing and then purging anyone who did not comply in all respects with current leftist ideology.

If they manage to erase a historical figure of the stature of Robert E. Lee, they can do the same to the Founding Fathers — and they will.

Slated for the Memory Hole.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

6 Responses to “Virginia Candidate for Governor Corey Stewart Defends History From Progressive Totalitarians”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Those who wish to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee are no different than members of the Taliban who blew up statues of Buddha.

  2. chesterarthur says:

    If Virginia democrats weren’t posturing in ignorance,they’d have nothing to do.Ralph Northam did what he always does,saying nothing of any significance so nothing can be pinned on him.Expect Mark(red) Herring to grandstand as the statue is removed.He just filed suit against Trump’s travel pause,using public funds and public office to make citizens and legal immigrants less safe.

  3. Son of the Rabbit People says:

    The only reason Charlottesville is noteworthy at all is because of Thomas Jefferson. Without him it would be just another small rural town no one has ever heard of. Unlike Lee, Jefferson owned slaves.

  4. Rotohammer says:

    Abraham Lincoln was far more conciliatory toward the Confederate leadership than the modern moonbat is. Speaking of Lincoln, his monument could be next. Any self-respecting (or self-loathing), virtue-signalling moonbat would be hard-pressed to justify the Lincoln Memorial:

  5. […] South is probably what marked him as needing to be erased, as part of a broad campaign to make the Confederacy disappear from […]

  6. Nancy says:

    I’m surprised that Black-Run America hasn’t already sand-blasted the Confederate memorial off the face of Stone Mountain yet, either. State officials tried to appease the local butt-hurt chapters of the NAACP by offering to put a memorial to MLK on top of the mountain, which angered whites. But after the Dylan Roof thing, the blacks are now playing for all the chips …they want to completely destroy the carving, period, even though GA state law long ago established Stone Mountain and surrounding park property as a CONFEDERATE memorial.

    That would be like whites insisting blacks raise a Confederate flag over at the MLK memorial downtown.

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