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Jan 21 2020

Virginia Gun Rally Gives the Lie to Liberal Narrative

Bad news for the MSM. Despite the hype and dire warnings, the supposed white supremacists who rallied in Virginia yesterday in defense of our precious and endangered Second Amendment rights were peaceful, as law-abiding gun-owners tend to be.

Impressively, there was only one arrest among 22,000 attendees. Mikaela Beschler, aged 21, was arrested for refusing to take a bandanna off her face.

This montage illustrates how the MSM misinformed its audience regarding the rally:

Here are a few of the “white nationalists” who had liberal propagandists clutching their pearls:

The media openly longed for another Charlottesville, where white nationalists actually were present in significant numbers and a leftist counterprotester was killed when violence broke out. If there had been any violence in Richmond yesterday, it might have made the MSM strategy of duplicitously conflating gun rights with white supremacism more effective. Better luck next time, propagandists!

A news media that consistently and deliberately misinforms the public serves no constructive purpose. Ours does so with the explicit intention of denying us a constitutional right. The “mainstream” media isn’t just useless and wrong; it is malevolent.

On a tip from Varla.

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