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Apr 13 2020

Virus-Free Doctor Loses Joint Custody Because COVID-19

As an emergency room physician, Dr Theresa Greene already had enough to deal with during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Now she has lost shared custody of her daughter:

Greene tested negative for coronavirus this week. Her four-year-old daughter splits her time equally between her mom and dad, but this week, the child’s father, Eric Greene, asked for and received an emergency order demanding sole custody until the pandemic is over.

Circuit Judge Bernard Shapiro agreed to this, noting that “the suspension is solely related to the outbreak of COVID-19.”

When COVID-19 will be decreed to be over is anybody’s guess. Some guess never.

As Greene notes, the disease does not seem to have a strong impact on children.

Tyrants like Gretchen Whitmer aren’t the only ones to see an opportunity in coronavirus hysteria.

On a tip from Bluto.

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