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Jul 25 2019

Visit Skid Row, Los Angeles

Austen Fletcher is your tour guide for an informative visit to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles:

Even the street people seem to understand that throwing money at LA homelessness won’t lessen it, any more than the booming economy does. On the contrary, other people’s money is fuel for the fire. Zombie hordes of mentally ill, drug-addled derelicts inundate Left Coast cities because liberal rule incentives dysfunction.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s solution is to double down by doubling the state taxpayer money spent subsidizing homelessness to an astounding $1 billion. As we will soon see, you can buy a lot of homelessness with that kind of money.

What would Democrats do differently if they were deliberately trying to collapse Western Civilization? That would sure make for a stumper of a Jeopardy question.

On a tip from Kate P.

One Response to “Visit Skid Row, Los Angeles”

  1. […] always self-righteously side with “them” versus “us.” In the dystopia subsidized homelessness is making of Los Angeles, it comes down to humans versus the burgeoning rats that spread deadly […]

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