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Jan 15 2019

Vlogger Responses to Ultra-Woke Gillette Ad

The moonbat Gillette ad in which insufferably woke Procter & Gamble denounces its own customers for toxic masculinity is a case study in just how nauseating, pernicious, and hostile to the core population the liberal establishment has become. Vloggers have been going to town on it.

Paul Joseph Watson analyzes the antiwhite hatred embedded in the antimale hatred, exposes the double standard by which women would never be subjected to such denigrating propaganda, reveals the crass political interest liberals have in demasculinizing the culture, and explains why leftist virtue signaling even at its most disgusting does sell products:

The Iconoclast points out that the problem is not an excess but a shortage of masculinity and further explores the embedded racial attack:

The attention this generates may sell some razors to the semiconscious herd — but only at the price of the Gillette brand being loathed by any self-respecting man who is paying attention.

On a tip from DM.

2 Responses to “Vlogger Responses to Ultra-Woke Gillette Ad”

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