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Mar 06 2019

Volvo Introduces Cars That Virtue Signal

The moonbattery infesting Sweden has reached the auto industry. Normal cars have a turn signal. With Volvo, you get a virtue signal:

Volvo plans to impose a speed limit of about 112 miles per hour on all of its vehicles beginning in 2020.

The Chinese-owned Swedish automotive brand said it was making the move to bring attention to the dangers of speeding.

Volvo global CEO Håkan Samuelsson bleats that “while a speed limitation is not a cure-all, it’s worth doing if we can even save one life.”

You may recognize the rhetoric, which was borrowed from opponents of gun rights. You don’t often hear it from abortion advocates though.

Not many people drive 112 mph anyway, unless possibly on the Autobahn. But the camel now has its head in the tent. Already Volvo is considering further restrictions on its customers:

The company said it was also investigating the possibility of further limiting vehicle speeds in the areas of schools and hospitals.

The Green New Deal makes clear that there will be few if any cars in utopia. Otherwise, you could expect them to drive at a maximum 15 mph and automatically yield to cars registered to members of politically favored identity groups.

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