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Apr 23 2019

Voting Rights for Boston Marathon Bomber

You have to hand it to Kamala Harris; she knows where to look for reliable support. But even ultramoonbat Don Lemon seemed taken aback at her answer after he asked whether Kyrgyzstani-born terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — the surviving Boston Marathon bomber — should be allowed to vote on who rules over us. Via Breitbart:

HARRIS: I have been long an advocate of making sure that the formally incarcerated are not denied a right to vote, which is the case in so many states in our country, in some states permanently deprived of the right to vote.

She then gibbered about how not letting incarcerated terrorists vote is the equivalent of Jim Crow. Her rhetoric confirmed yet again that for all the good it may of done in the past, civil rights is now nothing more than a wrecking ball.

LEMON: But people who are in — convicted, in prison, like the Boston Marathon bomber, on death row, people who are convicted of sexual assault, they should be able to vote?

HARRIS: I think we should have that conversation.

Even as the Democrat Party follows Bernie Sanders off the cliff into abject lunacy, these Jacobins cannot give a straight answer. “I think we should have that conversation” appears to be squishy liberal talk for “yes.”

Certainly, there is no question as to which party sociopaths and terrorists who hate America would vote for. That anyone who is not a sociopath and does not hate America would consider voting Democrat is a testament to the power of the media to induce irrational herd behavior.

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