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Feb 01 2019

Walls for Me Not for Thee in Austin

Walls are immoral, expensive, Medieval, and besides they don’t work — if they are intended to keep undocumented Democrats from flooding the country and doing to the entire nation what they have already done to formerly Republican California. However, none of this applies if you are trying to protect your own hyperliberal city from crime:

Amid the nation’s border security crisis, Texas’ liberal capital city seems to be following President Trump’s new slogan of “Build a wall and crime will fall.”

Downtown off Red River Street near 7th Street, an alley well-known for prostitution and drug trade will now be sealed off on both sides.

The alley is located only a block away from Austin’s government-owned homeless shelter and is a hot spot for organized crime, according to city officials. The combination of the homeless, mentally ill, and criminal predators has created a dangerous environment and is hurting surrounding shops.

It almost makes you wonder why we import an unlimited number of such people across the underdefended border by letting Third World countries flush the dregs of their failed societies into America as if we were their septic tank.

“You can see people dealing drugs, exchanging drugs for money, you can see fighting, people having sex, defecating—it’s terrible, it’s a third-world country back there,” said Dave Machinist, part owner of a concert venue next to the alley.

When liberal policy has achieved its egalitarian objectives, walls won’t be needed, because the same Third World conditions will prevail on either side of any wall no matter where you build it.

Despite the common-sense wall idea, city officials are still finding a way to waste taxpayer money: they’ve allocated up to $100,000 for the project.

Yet the federal government, which spends over $12 billion of our money per day, most of it wastefully, cannot afford more than $1 for a border wall.

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