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Nov 03 2019

Walter Williams on Why They Want Our Rifles

Democrats have it in for America’s rifle, the AR-15, erroneously demonizing it as an “assault rifle” and sometimes openly advocating confiscation. This is justified in the name of public safety. However, disarming people does not make them safer, particularly when it comes to rifles, which are rarely used in crimes. As Walter Williams points out,

The FBI lists murder victims by weapon from 2014 to 2018 in their 2018 report on Crime in the United States. It turns out that slightly over 2% (297) out of a total of 14,123 homicides were committed with rifles.

For perspective, 1,515 homicides were committed with knives, 672 by hand (or foot), and 443 with a blunt instrument. Yet no Democrat presidential candidates have called for mandatory “buybacks” of knives and hammers or amputations of hands (yet).

The availability of rifles does not correlate with gun violence. For most of the country’s history, guns were far more readily available than they are in these more violent times.

Americans who call for stricter and stricter gun control know that getting rid of rifles will do little or nothing for the nation’s homicide rate. Their calls for more restrictive gun laws are part of a larger strategy to outlaw gun ownership altogether. You have to wonder what these people have in store for us when they’ve eliminated our means to defend ourselves.

In case you really are wondering, Williams offers a clue:

Venezuela dictator Nicolas Maduro banned private gun ownership in 2012.

AR-15s are too unwieldy to be used much for crime. But they are ideal for home defense. When government gets big enough, it doesn’t want you defending your home — because it is what you may have to defend your home against.

By definition, anyone who wants to render you defenseless is your enemy.

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