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Sep 01 2016

WaPo Discovers That People View Enviromoonbattery as Unmasculine

Moonbats have unleashed the ultimate argument against the masculinity they so hate; it is hurtful to the planet:

Researchers have known for decades that women tend to beat men on environmental metrics. They generally use less fuel and energy. They eat less meat. They’re more concerned about climate change.

James Wilkie, a business professor at the University of Notre Dame, wanted to understand what drives this gender eco-friendliness gap. After years of exploring psychological bias, he and his colleagues developed a theory.

“Men’s resistance may stem in part from a prevalent association between the concepts of greenness and femininity and a corresponding stereotype (held by both men and women) that green consumers are feminine,” they assert this month in the Journal of Consumer Research. “As a result of this stereotype, men may be motivated to avoid or even oppose green behaviors in order to safeguard their gender identity.”

The researchers conducted a set of experiments, each designed to gauge if we actually do ascribe gender to green products and whether such perceptions impact our willingness to use them. They found people consistently connect environmentally conscious goods to their idea of femininity.

Wilkie et al. credit women with having a nurturing nature that makes them want to care for the planet, and imply that men are insecure and selfish. The possibility that obsessive environmentalism is a silly fad, and that women may be more prone to such fads, is too politically incorrect to explore.

Most likely environmentalism is seen as unmasculine because it is associated with liberals, who reject masculine virtues in favor of a society based on self-pity and guilt.

Making things = masculine and bad. Enviroposturing = feminine and good.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

11 Responses to “WaPo Discovers That People View Enviromoonbattery as Unmasculine”

  1. NotKennedy says:

    Al Gore could go transgender and be a happier person. And, as a bonus, he might even get laid for less than the cost of room service. I suppose that it could be argued, to the contrary, that RFK, Jr is sex-freak of the first order, there seems to be little doubt about his orientation. And, his orientation withstanding, there is not a masculine feature about him.

    A common feature of climate freaks is their effeminacies. Just look at the tree ring hamster from Penn State. Jeez, unclean and sissy-looking, to boot.

    Sometimes you just can’t distinguish between climate queens and closet queens but, either way, you know, intuitively, that you are dealing with a freak.

  2. Karma's Janitor says:

    Well OK just suck my dick so I can get comfortable with it.

  3. Grumpy Cat says:


  4. Grumpy Cat says:

    I wouldn’t let some hippie chick blow me. She’d want to recycle my baby batter.

  5. Jodie says:

    I am so confused. I thought universities were teaching that there is no difference between men and women and that people are gender fluid.

    Sheesh! Liberals!!!!!!!@###**

  6. NotKennedy says:

    In a general sort of way, I have found that opposite genders can really enjoy gender fluid experiences. Depending on your age, and the time of the month, ymmv. When I was a college guy, PCs had not been invented, IBM 360s had about 16 MB of ram to run your code–and it was plenty! The girls were cute and, to be honest, those that were then still are now. Lindsay Wagner was just about as hot as Pam Dawber… and I still married a girl from Pennsylvania.

  7. Karma's Janitor says:

    when they get a runny nose, you have to declare them “full”

  8. TrojanMan says:

    ” I have found that opposite genders can really enjoy gender fluid experiences” LOL tru dat

  9. […] blog post on the Moonbattery blog about the WaPo discovering how masculinity is dangerous to the planet. It is that kind of fake […]

  10. Jodie says:

    As a female, I can say, gender fluid is a little hard to swallow. ; )

  11. Good thing they didn’t mention all that greenhouse gas seeping from my vagina…

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