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Jul 07 2020

WaPo: Now Let’s Purge Classic Literature

What’s the next target for the liberal mob, after tearing down statues of the titans of American history and getting people fired over the most trivial infractions against political correctness? Any student of totalitarianism knows the likely answer. Books.

Writing in the Washington Post, Ron Charles celebrates the War on Statues and the purging of old television programs of anything currently regarded as offensive by liberals. Now he wants to purge literature. He starts at the top, with Shakespeare:

Any theater launching a production of “Othello,” for instance, must begin with a rich body of scholarship on Shakespeare’s sources and intentions. What are we to make of the Moor, the Venetian general manipulated into murderous rage by his villainous white colleague? Even before Othello comes onstage, he’s subjected to obscene racist ridicule. And later, Othello himself laments, “Haply, for I am black and have not those soft parts of conversation that chamberers have.”

As a Renaissance writer working in England 250 years before the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States, Shakespeare surely held the white supremacist values of his culture.

The Bard was a racist. Cancel him!

Charles admits that maybe Othello was not a racist play after all, and that the cancel culture could end up throwing out progressive babies with the racist bathwater. However,

What’s more insidious is the self-satisfaction that comes from calibrating our Racism Detector to spot only a few obvious sins. Scanning videos for blackface or searching text files for the n-word is so much easier than contending with, say, the systemic tokenism of TV rom-coms or the unbearable whiteness of Jane Austen.

Clearly utopia cannot be achieved until literature has been purged of whiteness.

Nothing will satisfy liberal bullies’ psychotic need to destroy in the name of their warped ideology. Before long they will erase our entire culture. But even after there is no more literature, at least we will still have Maya Angelou.

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