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Oct 10 2016

WaPo Warns of Dogs Wearing Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes

University of Wisconsin–Lacrosse helpfully offered a costume review to help you determine whether your Halloween costume is a thought crime. But what if it’s your dog whose costume is politically incorrect?

“Is Your Dog’s Halloween Costume Sexist?” asked the headline of a Washington Post piece—not a satire, not even a bit of Style section fluff, but an article in the Business section by Abha Bhattarai.

Huffs Ms. Bhattarai:

Young girls may be discarding their princess wands for superhero capes this Halloween, but not so in the canine world.

The glass ceiling appears to be firmly in place at PetSmart, where career costumes labeled “male” include firefighter and police officer, while female dogs can choose between a pink cowgirl costume and pink loofah.

Evidently we are expected to be outraged that the folks at the pet shop assume dogs to be cis-gendered.

Her piece quotes Scott Lawrie of San Francisco, who plans to cross-dress his male dogs as Cagney and Lacey. But he won’t buy any dog costumes from PetSmart until they remove the sexist labeling.

“Even if it’s just on principle, this is important,” he said. “I’m waiting until they fix it.”

I suppose having trivial lunatic principles is better than having no principles at all.

Ms. Bhattarai alleges that female doggie costumes cost more than male costumes, which she appears to genuinely regard as evidence of a sexist conspiracy. A commitment to diversity may be taking a toll on quality at the Washington Post.

That had better be a male dog or the costume is sexist.

On a tip from TCS III.

10 Responses to “WaPo Warns of Dogs Wearing Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes”

  1. TED says:

    And THEY deny it’s a SICKNESS!

  2. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    I used to just shake my head and chuckle at these people. It’s not funny anymore.

  3. MAS says:

    Poor dogs. People, unless you need paw protection for a trail dog or vest for your dog on the boat, leave them out of your stupid fashion show.

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    I lost my PC calendar but, fortunately, my friend didn’t – so I know that this is October and men aren’t allowed to dress up like women because that’s sexist this month.

  5. Vic Kelley says:

    Is it sexist to call a cat bitchy, because so many of them really act bitchy.

  6. JackisBack says:

    No wonder they kill journalists during revolutions.

  7. wildmanonearth says:

    Idiots, complete idiots.

  8. Saxon Warrior says:

    Absolutely insane the lot of them. Why are we even listening to the pleas of such lunatics? We should be laughing at them or pointing guns at them and rounding up their haplophobic asses, and then herding them into psychiatric hospitals where they belong.

  9. Anne says:

    Well, I’m safe because I don’t dress my dogs for Halloween anyway. But, it does open the question…. what if your dogs are neutered or spayed?

  10. […] marketed to females allegedly costing more. For example, a moonbat at WaPo fumes that female Halloween dog costumes cost more than male Halloween dog […]

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