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Aug 28 2017

War on History Endangers Grant’s Tomb

The campaign against American history is not just some belated mop-up operation left over from the Civil War. Robert E. Lee was only a starting point. Ulysses S. Grant defeated Lee, but being a great man who lived prior to the rise of political correctness, he is no less a thought criminal. In addition to the famous statue in Columbus Circle, New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito wants to go after Grant’s Tomb:

A spokesperson said Viverito also thinks that Grant’s Tomb should be on the review list. Grant has been regarded by some as anti-Semitic.

Long before he was president, Grant expelled Jews suspected of war profiteering from certain areas occupied by the Union Army. That could be enough to get NYC’s hard left mayor Bill de Blasio to declare him an unperson.

“In 1862, he signed general order 11, expelling Jews from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. I wonder if you think that given the large number of Jewish, he should be buried in New York City,” CBS2’s [Marcia] Kramer asked the mayor.

“Marcia, I’m not familiar with that history. Obviously I take it very seriously, but I’m not familiar with it. We don’t tolerate anti-Semitism in New York City,” the mayor said.

They can find something on anyone. No white male historical figure, no matter how important, is safe from the purge. History starts right now.

Like Lee, too great a man not to be hated by progressives.

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14 Responses to “War on History Endangers Grant’s Tomb”

  1. IShiiteyounot! says:

    Have you seen this man? Do you feel oppressed? Please send your engraved portraits of the evil rapscallion general President U. S. Grant to me for proper disposal.

  2. Watchman59 says:

    Not to mention the portraits of Washington, (slaves), Jackson (Indian removal), Lincoln, Hamilton, and Franklin (not sure, maybe just because they were white men)!

  3. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Nope…..the problem is not with the note. The problem is with the portrait on the note. Now if we could just find the right person to replace Grant’s image with. Either a female or transgender person. A hero for the masses…..

    I think Hillary’s portrait would be great. However…to qualify, she would have to be deceased. Maybe she’d be willing to make the sacrifice.

  4. 50gary says:

    Communists all, the “Progs” are on the march. Then after the great purge of white dominate males from American history, they (the Commies) will fill the void with new “American” heroes like Lenin, Marx, Stalin, not even kidding.

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Actually we have a serious problem with all of our money. How is it just that one note should be worth more than another note.

    All Federal Reserve Notes should be of equal value!!!

    When Bernie shows you one finger on one hand, and one finger on the other hand, he is only showing you one finger.

  6. Madhatton says:

    Omg , wait till the luddites discover Sheridan ! Fwiw his statue is in the newest , pc’est national park .. across from the temple of all that is currently “holey” stonewall .. and i don’t mean “that” General .. when will it stop this putsch upon our once great country ?

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Hey…now you are going to give witches a bad name. Plus…the boiling pot gets rid of most of the alcohol.

  8. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Damn, ya beat me to it!!

  9. Watchman59 says:

    How about “The Twelfth of Never”?

  10. daPenguin says:

    lucky for Grant that these antifa thugs are products of our public school system where they whitewashed any history that made the north look bad, like the New York riots or the # of slave owners in the North, including USG or they would really be on a rampage.

  11. Cody Wade says:

    Damn, ya beat me to it!!

  12. old school says:

    “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb ?”

    How many college students do you think could correctly answer this oldie but goodie dumb joke ?

    About the same number who would know “What color was George Washington’s white horse ?”

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