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Nov 04 2021

Warriors Not Lab Rats

Members of the armed services sign up to confront death and disablement on behalf of their country. They do not sign up to become lab rats on behalf not of their country but of the Biden Regime, which has decided for its own inscrutable reasons that everyone must be vaccinated even when it makes no sense due to prior infection.

If placing lunatic-left political hacks like Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley atop the command structure doesn’t kill off morale and stunt recruitment, this ought to do the job.

Presenting Dr Theresa Long:

Never enough lab rats. Now let’s try children as young as 5 years. For them, Covid is less of a threat than the flu, and the long-term effects of the vaccines are unknown. Nonetheless, the leftists in charge have already begun to target them with vaccine mandates.

On a tip from Feet2Fire.


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