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Mar 08 2018

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Paints Polar Bears in Attempt to Cope

Washington Governor Jay Inslee finds it stressful that the last presidential election did not go according to plan. He attempts to deal with his anxiety through art:

“I’ll show you the latest I did of a polar bear on a collage of torn up New York Times,” Inslee said. “So you get mad reading the newspaper, you tear up the paper, you make it a collage, and then paint bears on top.”

Man-eating polar bears are regarded as sacred by moonbats.

“Something comes out of the White House, a tweet that drives me to distraction, and I turn it into a picture of Mt. Rainier,” he said. “So, it’s a mental health issue.”

I’ll say.

No doubt Inslee’s work is no worse than some of the modern stuff hanging in museums these days. Too bad he doesn’t relieve his stress (and that of his saner constituents) permanently by getting out of politics and devoting himself to artistic creation.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to start an artistic career now. According to Inslee’s demented raving, the planet is doomed as of tomorrow:

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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