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Jul 13 2020

Washington Redskins Knuckle Under to Bullies

Since left-wing bullies always get their way, this was only a matter of time:

Owner Dan Snyder had declared that he would never change the name, but after 87 years, it goes down the memory hole due to relentless pressure. Leftists demand that the world be constantly revised to comply with their ideology. They will not tolerate those who resist.

Now it is the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Blackhawks that say they won’t change their name. But they will before long, as will the Kansas City Chiefs and every team with a similar name. Indians must be erased, as from the packaging of Land O’Lakes butter, because according to moonbat dogma, acknowledging their place in American culture is offensive.

Already the Braves are attempting to appease the bullies by reviewing their traditional tomahawk chop. Giving in to bullies eggs them on to increase their demands.

The Cleveland Indians fed Chief Wahoo to the crocodiles. The crocodiles demanded more. Now the Indians reportedly will change the name they have had since 1914.

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, this has nothing to do with protecting the feelings of Indians. Having a team named after you is an honor. You won’t see the Redskins renamed the Washington Moonbats, because you only name teams for something you respect.

What it is about is power. Liberals get an authoritarian thrill out of dictating our vocabulary and every picayune detail of our culture. If people continue to move when they are pushed, the social justice warriors will eventually demand that every team change its name, on whatever nonsensical pretext. Then they will go through and demand each team change its name again.

The naming of sports teams is trivial. Less trivial is that a small minority of bullies can dictate to everyone else without significant resistance. That is how totalitarianism works. Totalitarianism is the gateway to hell on earth.

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