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Mar 07 2018

Watch Antifa Thugs Shut Down Talk on Free Speech

This is what fascism looks like:

Winston Churchill was right if he really said that the fascists of the future would be the antifascists:

Masked thugs invaded a talk organised by a university free speech society [Monday] night before setting off smoke bombs and attacking security guards.

The self-proclaimed ‘antifascist’ protesters forced their way into the King’s College London lecture hall and grabbed the speakers’ microphones before smashing windows and leaving notes threatening the moderator.

Several security guards were punched and had to go to hospital, according to the organisers, who were forced to evacuate the building and call the police. …

[The] event was organised by the KCL Libertarian Society and featured Ayn Rand Institute director Dr Yaron Brook alongside controversial YouTube personality Sargon of Akkad, real name Carl Benjamin.

Sargon of Akkad has been getting enough grief from YouTube. These aren’t easy times for a classical liberal.

Get used to Antifa and its tactics. The Democrat Party has gone hard left. If Trump manages to crash the economy with his insane tariffs, the backlash will soon put people like this in the driver’s seat.

On tips from Jester and TCS III.

20 Responses to “Watch Antifa Thugs Shut Down Talk on Free Speech”

  1. magic1114 says:

    Just one small suggestion: If you have anything planned that even hints at conservatism, have a goon squad stashed away somewhere close that’s ready and willing to crack a few Aunty-fa skulls. Maybe they’ll get a clue…

  2. JanderJ says:

    And even more of the same from the ever so tolerant and peaceful left:

    Protester who shattered window at Jordan Peterson lecture found to be carrying a garrotte: police

  3. Steve says:

    Like the Patriot Guard. They didn’t have to do anything but just stand there. The kids with mask will stay outside smoking pot.

  4. Brian says:

    I don’t agree that the Democrat party has gone hard left. These are just tools, this is just leverage. The elitists are not communists, or capitalists. They want what’s best for them and what’s worst for us: a mishmash of technocratic contradictions, gradually fine tuned until no mercy remains.

  5. TrojanMan says:

    “controversial YouTube personality Sargon of Akkad” Speaking truth is “controversial” eh?

    “In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act” G.O.

  6. MAS says:

    Sounds like some pretty weak security was in place. I’d be embarrassed to make such poor preparations and showing if that team was mine…

  7. Franklyfrank says:

    Insane tarriffs. You know what’s insane? Reverse mercantilism. Also insane in the fact that the US for YEARS has paid 45% in taxes on exports, while imports are taxed at 2-3%. Trump is right to impose bigger tarriffs. These countries have been emboldened since Bill Clinton passed the disastrous NAFTA and now, true to form of many expecting to be taken care of, are pissed because they will (gasp) have to “pay their fair share”. Too bad, so sad. Go to the Social Science Research Network and read the article entitled: The Political Economy of Trump on Trade. It’s on the money and excellent.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That “giant sucking sound” (NAFTA, as H. Ross Perot put it) will probably go soon too…

  9. Scattergood Baines says:

    Several security guards were punched and had to go to hospital.

    Sheriff Israel’s group?

  10. Eddie_Valiant says:

    There won’t be any significant tariffs. Trump is dropping the T word as a negotiating tactic. Because we don’t have domestic manufacturing capacity for many consumer items, Trump would be a fool to cause consumers to pay more for imported items. The MSM was all over this by bleating about how the cost of aluminum softball bats would go up.

    The MSM really is a pathetic bunch of losers.

  11. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    I hate it that it’s come to this, but I’d say if possible start by being polite, invite them to sit and then assure them that they will be welcome to participate in the discussion. Then, if they act like savages, remove them with as much force as needed to get the job done.

    But realistically, if that’s what it’s come to, the time for talking is past.

  12. Franklyfrank says:

    Point taken. But the idea IS to bring back manufacturing to the US.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Punched… by Antifa? (More like “attempted slap-fight”… )

  14. JackisBack says:

    Communists are people too. We should do everything they want, even rewrite the Constitution.

    Just saying that so post doesn’t get deleted like my last one about Muslims /

  15. […] leftist speech will not be limited to punching out elderly security guards, as we just saw at King’s College London. Also on Monday, police made an alarming discovery after arresting a moonbat who disrupted a Jordan […]

  16. sheikyermami says:

    You “don’t agree that the Democrat party has gone hard left?”

    Can you name one policy, just one, by the left that is business friendly?

  17. BiffWellington says:

    crash the economy with his insane tariffs? self-medicating again, Dave?

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