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Jun 10 2018

Watch Justin Trudeau’s False Eyebrows Malfunction During News Conference

What kind of guy would wear false eyebrows? A metrosexual moonbat like Justin Trudeau:

Looks like this is for real. For confirmation, go to 27:00 of the video of Trudeau holding a joint news conference with Emmanuel Macron at Canada’s CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel) website.

Maybe an advisor told him that bushy eyebrows would make him look more virile, so that Trump wouldn’t push him around.

With all the loot Canada’s progressive government expropriates from taxpayers, you would think Trudeau could afford glue that can hold his phony eyebrows in place.

It makes you wonder what else about the boy prime minister is fake. Probably everything.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tips: Vlad Tepes, Daily Wire.

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