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Oct 11 2018

Watch Kyrsten Sinema Denounce Arizona as “Crazy”

Among the many reasons (e.g., see here, here, and here) for Arizonans to send Martha McSally rather than Kyrsten Sinema to the Senate is that the latter contemptuously regards the people of her own state as “crazy.” See for yourself:

At least we know it isn’t our water that makes us Arizonans crazy. As Sinema notes, much of the water comes down the river from amid the marijuana clouds of moonbattery-addled Colorado, where everything is perfectly sane by her standards. Maybe she should go up there and run for Senate.

Then again, despite the recent leftward lurch, there are still too many reasonable people in Colorado for the state to elect someone who promoted assistant terrorist Lynne Stewart not long after 9/11.

On a tip from Varla.

One Response to “Watch Kyrsten Sinema Denounce Arizona as “Crazy””

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