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Jun 24 2018

Watch Out for the Exploding Nitrogen

Journalists are very knowledgeable within their area of expertise — i.e., mobilizing herds of morons by disseminating cultural Marxist propaganda. Outside of that area, they are as clueless as anyone else, and often more so. Consider this story from Texas:

State Highway 130 was shut down near Parmer Lane after an 18-wheeler hauling a liquid nitrogen trailer caught on fire, according to the Austin Fire Department.

A half-mile area around the fire was evacuated due to the risk of a tank explosion, AFD said.

Pressure from increasing heat could have caused the tank to burst. But readers are left with the impression that it was the equivalent of a tank full of gasoline. At no point in the story is it mentioned that nitrogen is not flammable.

On a tip from Obi-Wan.

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