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Sep 04 2018

Watch Zimbabweans Plead for White Farmers to Come Back

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation account from earlier in the year depicts the inevitable next step after the former Breadbasket of Africa drove white farmers out. Hungry Zimbabweans beg for them to come back so that there will be something to eat:

South Africa is following the same script word for word with a lag of under 20 years. Nelson Mandela took power in 1994, Robert Mugabe in 1980. The push to change the constitution to explicitly allow the seizure of white-owned land that is currently underway in South Africa occurred in Zimbabwe in 2000.

Although the video is a whitewash of the horror that took place after Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, at least it suggests where white farmers driven out of South Africa can go while they wait for their own country to get hungry enough to invite them back — assuming that civilized countries refuse to accept them as refugees on the grounds that they would assimilate.

On a tip from Jack S.

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