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Feb 08 2019

Weeping AOC Proclaims Herself Mad

It won’t be enough for AOC to destroy the economy and impose communism. She also demands an open border — because America defending its sovereign territory makes her cry:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wiped away a tear Thursday during a press conference held by a liberal group to protest the continuing flow of taxpayer dollars to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Nothing could be scarier than tears on the snarling face of a moonbat. With a reptile like Chuck Schumer, they indicate his willingness to stoop to the lowest levels of shamelessness. With AOC, they mean she has worked herself into such a state of emotionalism that no measure could be too extreme.

The 29-year-old New York lawmayer, who self-identifies as a democratic socialist, said at a event that shutting down ICE is ‘one of the more urgent moral issues and crises that we have in America right now.’

Since everything about America is immoral according to liberal dogma, destroying it is an “urgent moral issue.” Democrats may not be able to accomplish this by pushing through the Green New Deal, but opening the border even further so as to displace the native population with numberless greedy welfare colonists from the Third World would be just as effective.

In addition to vowing to completely destroy ICE,

[AOC] claimed Latinos should be exempt from criminal proceedings and immigration laws because they are descended from Mesoamerican cultures that preceded the United States.

It used to be you had to approach derelicts sleeping on subway benches to get opinions like this. Now, they spew forth constantly from the Future of the Democratic Party.

As her fan club at WaPo would probably put it, she smiled bravely through her heartfelt tears:

‘Thank you. I’m mad, y’all,’ a smiling Ocasio-Cortez said when applause erupted among a small crowd assembled to provide a video backdrop.

‘I’m mad. I am mad.’

Mad as an outhouse rat.

On a tip from Jester.

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