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Feb 18 2020

Welfare Gravy Train Opens Route From Oslo to Addis Ababa

The word “refugees” does not describe them; they are welfare colonists. If you doubt it, consider that Ethiopian Airlines plans to fly daily from Oslo to Addis Ababa because so many allegedly desperate Africans like to fly home to visit relatives.

Addis Ababa is a hub for other locations in Africa, and close to home for many of Norway’s “refugees,” who largely hail from the barbaric Horn of Africa (specifically, Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia).

Via Voice of Europe:

If the planes are nearly fully booked, which one might assume, this means that about 1,800 people a week are leaving for or from Addis Abeba. …

The vast majority of Somalis have been allowed to stay in Scandinavia on the basis that their home countries were not safe to live and that they needed another state’s protection. They’ve also been allowed to bring families and relatives over. There is virtually no other reason Somalis are coming to Scandinavia.

They are in Scandinavia to colonize, not to work.

Statistics from the Swedish Migration Agency revealed that among the many immigrants who came to Sweden last year for work, not one of these work-related immigrants was Somalian.

Why work when they have no skills other than playing the system and the welfare state is so lavishly generous?

Somalis in Norway are an invaluable asset for Somalis back in Somalia due to the vast sums of state welfare money they’re sending home. …

In 2019 alone, nearly 55.6 million euros were sent by individuals in Norway to individuals in Somalia.

The never-ending refugee crisis is actually a looting spree. It won’t end until wealthy and foolish Western countries run out of either wealth or foolishness. By then, Europe will be less like Europe and more like Somalia.

A glance at the demographic projections confirms that current refugee policies are not sustainable:

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