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Sep 24 2019

What Causes California’s Homelessness Epidemic

California’s homelessness epidemic has reached the level of a zombie apocalypse, generating vast quantities of filth and endangering public health in any number of ways. The Wall Street Journal looks into the cause.

It isn’t the economy:

California’s poverty rate is near a record low, yet its unsheltered population has jumped more than 20% in three years… With only 12% of the country’s population, California accounts for half of those living on the streets.

It isn’t the weather:

San Francisco is only a few degrees cooler than Orlando in January, but its homeless rate is 30 times higher.

It isn’t even the cost of housing, though liberal policies do drive that into the sky. Controlling for excessive housing costs, California’s homeless rate is still far higher than other states.

Here we start to get warm:

California’s homeless rate began climbing in 2015 after voters approved a referendum effectively decriminalizing drug possession and theft. Many low-level criminals and addicts have been released onto the streets.

The clowns of the Ninth Circus have also contributed by restricting restrictions on public camping. Another factor is that California has long been a magnet for the sort of mental cases that used to be locked up in institutions. Sanctuary state status helps draw derelicts from all over the world.

What you tolerate, you will get more of. California tolerates infestations of lunatics and lowlifes. Worse, California tolerates moonbattery, resulting in politicians who treat the worst elements in society as sacred victims and shower money on them. The results are inevitable.

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