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Jan 24 2013

What Difference It Makes What Happened in Benghazi

Since you asked, Shrillary, Ed Morrissey has a few answers regarding what difference it makes what happened in Benghazi, including:

First, it mattered enough for the Obama administration to send Susan Rice to five different Sunday talk shows to insist that the sacking was a spontaneous demonstration of anger over a months-old YouTube video, while saying that there was “no evidence” that it was a terrorist attack. On one of those appearances, the president of Libya told US audiences the exact opposite — that it was the work of terrorists and that they had a pretty good idea of who they were. If it didn’t matter, what was Susan Rice doing when she tried pushing that meme, which the White House had to abandon within days as leaks within State and CIA made plain that there was no demonstration? …

So it matters because of credibility.

But even more than that,

It matters because [Obama’s demented Middle East] policies are going to get more people killed than just the four Americans in Benghazi last September, and already have.

Among many other reasons.

Good thing for Democrats they have the press on their side, and are mostly up against cowering pygmies.

On tips from Zappatrust, A. Levy, and Just TheTip.

19 Responses to “What Difference It Makes What Happened in Benghazi”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    Did anyone actually think she wouldn’t get a pass? Knowing how totally weak and dead the republicans are, she used one of the Left’s favorite and most used tactics. (when in trouble, attack!) She got right in their faces and stayed there. And, at the same time, danced her way around every serious question, leaving the republicans looking even more impotent than they actually are.

    The Demoncrats did exactly what they were told to do. Circle the wagons and protect her, and while you’re at it, make her look like the greatest thing since slice bread. The praise for her “outstanding work” was non-stop. Of course, no one dared ask her what she has actually accomplished in the last four years, other than to stay out of Bubba’s way. They also made sure to treat her like she “will be” the next POTUS. In fact, a few of the Dems actually came out and said they were ready to support her for the WH.

    The whole show was nothing more than another slap-in-the-face to the American sheeple.

  2. Ummah Gummah says:


    What difference do the WMD make in Iraq?


  3. Doug says:

    She is an expert shot with a 1911 however.

  4. Ummah Gummah says:


    ***IMAGINE*** a Republican had said that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The media lynch mobs would be out hunting for RINOS brandishing nooses and crosses to burn.


  5. Ummah Gummah says:


    I only know you others here from what you write on MB.

    But I am absolutely convinced that a mere 15 or so of US would make a better GOP Leadership than these ¡putos! posing as such at this time.


  6. A. Levy says:

    Well, she’s had four months of being prepped by the WH, (you didn’t buy that i fell and hurt my head scam did you?) so she should have been ready, and she was.

    If you want to watch something that will also make you puke, watch todays confirmation hearing for John (the chin) Kerry. His fellow elected lying crooks, including repubs, treated him with super-soft kid gloves, especially his good buddy, sen. Juan McLoser from AZ. Not one of them appeared to be upset with the sight of this ultra-left, arrogant elitist, phony war “hero” sitting before them, a guy who makes Benedict Arnold look like a true patriot. He’s a shoe-in.

  7. Ummah Gummah says:

    A. Levy says:
    January 24, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    She did a Biden. What worked for him in the VP debate worked for HITLERy at these “hearings”.

    What a FARCE.

    And the sycoPANTING media eagerly lapped it up as they always do and thus the case was closed with absolutely no damage to any of these TRAITOROUS BASTARDS.


  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    By the way, I haven’t heard about this filmmaker they railroaded being out again.

    Talk about a POLITICAL PRISONER..


  9. Ummah Gummah says:


    The SHEER OUTRAGE of what this BITCH said is without Precedent! The *Difference*, HITLERY, is that Americans trapped and under siege in Benghazi were screaming, begging for help and YOU, yes, YOU, REFUSED to help them.



  10. Bob says:

    I guess they senators could press her like she was a republican. It would become the story. They attacked this poor woman who has had health problems. They Clintons are not stupid. They are masters at the game.

  11. Ummah Gummah says:


    Women are allowed to fight in combat. Fine. Let’s put HITLERy in a uniform.. and her detail will silently fade away on her very first patrol..

    HOW DOES IT ****FEEL****, HITLERy, when YOU are in terror for YOUR life and NOONE will help you?!

    Oh I HOPE that this is exactly what will play out for her in hell for an ETERNITY.


  12. Tax Slave says:

    Women in combat! The Red Army and the Japanese Military INSTITUTIONALIZED the rape of civilian women. What do you think a Muslim enemy will do with female POWs? What about an Hispanic enemy, when the Left makes us invade South America to protect the rainforests from the people who live there.

    But then the Left never cared about POWs anyway. That’s why they left over half the POWs in the hands of the Viet Cong and Viet Minh when Nixon’s secret reparations deal with them died with his resignation.

  13. cb2 says:

    So, would it matter if she were dead?

  14. Mike43 says:

    What difference would it make? Well, you historically ignorant hillbilly, the death of an ambassador is Jus Belli. One of the acts of war.

    You twit; Al Queda has formally declared war on you, and you ask what difference?


  15. Mr Evilwrench says:

    It’s like a Twilight Zone episode. It’s like these people have a script delivered every morning and memorize their lines. When someone fails to follow the script, they can’t process. They go into a trance, and may puke up some fake outrage, but keep returning to the script. The LSM reports have probably been written beforehand.

    Most of our “government”, and almost all of the media, is the enemy. There’s no point stressing over details; we can fight when they show up in our crosshairs.

  16. Clingtomyguns says:

    What does it matter? This is a US secretary of state having the sheer audacity to spit in the face of truth and lie outright to the American people and say “what does it matter?” … indeed, what does it matter how a US ambassador who was sodomized and drug throught the streets and US Navy Seals mowed down by terrorists that her own State Department failed to protect them from died while she and Obama sat on their rears and ingored their pleas for help, and she says this!!! What an eeevil lying conniving cretin of a bitch!!!! This is even beyond what I could have imagined she said. Would it have mattered more if Chelsea had been murdered in Benghazi? Anyone that would vote for her or her party after this statement is indeed a domestic enemy of the United States.

    She also told the father of one of the seals who was killed when the bodies arrived that the maker of the video would be punished. Lying about it when she knew otherwise, shedding crockodile tears over the coffins of heroes of honor and value to this country. There is a reserved spot in hell for her and her ilk for this disgrace. Our forefathers and mothers are spinning in their graves in utter disgust.

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