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Mar 03 2024

What Genuine Tyranny Looks Like

We can stop worrying about the possibility of the USA succumbing to tyranny. Now is the time to figure out how to get out from under it now that it is here. As expected, Biden’s weaponized FBI has dragged off Blaze reporter Steve Baker in handcuffs for undermining Democrats’ January 6 narrative.

This is what tyranny looks like:

After years of Kafkaesque harassment, Baker learned the charges against him for the first time Friday. They are trivial.

The thugs in charge actually made him wear shackles on both wrists and ankles at the courtroom. Now that everyone has gotten the message, Baker has been released for the time being:

It’s not too late to prevent Democrats from consolidating power; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But it will be too late soon if the persecution of Steve Baker flies.

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