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Mar 09 2019

What Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrates

When liberals bellow that Columbus Day must be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day (as has been done in Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, and Bloomington, IN, among many other cities), their complaint is that Western Civilization in all its glory replaced this:

Anthropologists have found evidence of a mass ritual killing that involved the deaths of more than 140 children, three adults, and at least 200 young llamas on the northern coast of Peru. …

The sacrificial victims ranged in age from 6 to 14, and appear to have been killed in a well-planned and choreographed event on a single, horrific day. …

The children, both boys and girls, all appear to have been killed in the same way — with a single horizontal slice across the sternum.

As if all this wasn’t gruesome enough, researchers say that many of the children’s rib cages appear to have been pried apart. This suggests that their hearts were removed shortly after they died.

The idea was probably to get the heart out while it was still beating, the better to appease the weather gods.

This happened during an apex of pre-Columbian culture:

[T]he sacrificial event took place around 1450, when the complex and hierarchical Chimú empire ruled the region. …

The Chimú oversaw an agricultural society that relied on a sophisticated network of hydraulic canals to irrigate fields. The capital city Chan Chan … was one of the largest urban settlements in the Americas.

Industrial scale human sacrifice was not limited to Peru. Aztecs are infamous for their assembly line heart excisions that killed victims by the tens of thousands.

Only among the pathologically delusional could Stone Age savagery seem preferable to the civilization brought by Columbus. Unfortunately, the pathologically delusional and those who exploit them have the whip hand these days.

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