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Jul 01 2019

What Megan Rapinoe Is Protesting

Sorry for the misleading headline. Actually, I don’t know what the obnoxious militantly lesbian ultra-moonbat Megan Rapinoe of the US women’s soccer team is protesting when she unconscionably refuses to stand for the national anthem. Not even Megan Rapinoe knows.

Fox soccer reporter Grant Wahl asked her, “What are you protesting?” This was the response:

Rapinoe, after hemming and hawing and wearing a confused look, said, “I need a more specific question.”

Maybe she doesn’t think America is wicked and terrible after all. Maybe the Colin Kaepernick antics are just a juvenile plea for attention, like dying her hair pink.

Rapinoe snarls that she is not going to the “f***ing” White House if the team wins. Her presence there would disgrace it anyway.

Her presence also disgraces the team. Why is she still on it? Do we really care more about winning a soccer tournament than we do about respect for our country?

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

One Response to “What Megan Rapinoe Is Protesting”

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