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Aug 01 2020

What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You

Those forced to rely on the mainstream media are probably wondering what happened during week. Here are a few stories liberal establishment propagandists avoided:

1. The hyperwoke NBA confirms that it has no problem with slavery, so long as it is happening now in China rather than centuries ago in the USA.

2. There is widespread distrust of a ChiCom virus vaccine.

3. COVID-19 lockdowns kill 10,000 children per month by malnutrition.

4. Rather than condemn it, prominent Democrat Jerrold Nadler pretends the violence that has erupted in Portland every night for over 2 months is a “myth.”

5. Casinos now have more freedom than churches, despite the First Amendment.

Liz Wheeler presents:

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

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