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Apr 25 2021

When Blacks Aren’t Black Enough

Even European countries are subject to the ravages of critical race theory. In Britain, the BBC employs a Diversity Manager named Miranda Wayland. “Diversity,” like “equity” and “antiracism,” is a euphemism for applied critical race theory.

Miranda is so good at finding insufficient diversity that she even denounced the show Luther, which trendily features a black hero. It turns out Luther hangs out with Caucasians and does not eat Caribbean food; therefore, he does not fulfill diversity quotas.

As Sarah Corriher explains in the video below, it is no longer enough to be a Person of Color; only moonbattery-compliant caricatures of a Person of Color are acceptable to the priests and priestesses of political correctness:

She is 100% correct that the objective of separating people into warring tribes with the dehumanizing ideology of critical race theory is to destroy our civilization so that a new authoritarian society can be constructed on its ashes, under the complete control of radical leftists.

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