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Apr 07 2020

When German Authorities Give Diversity a Rest

German authorities add insult to injury. First, they import vast numbers of “refugees” (aka rapefugees), subjecting the native population to colognization. Then they spin the consequences to make it look like the native population is committing the sex crimes.


A 31-year-old African migrant was arrested by Dachau police officers for sexually assaulting and threatening a 15-year-old German girl last week, but the assault sparked further outrage after the Munich police department posted a stock photo of a white male to describe the crime.

The colognizer is from Eritrea, unlike the fellow in this photo:

What’s true for Chinese goes double for Africans. They are not Caucasian; therefore, to associate them with anything bad is racist.

Some [Twitter] users pointed to the outrage that would have followed if the police [had] chosen a stock photo of a black male for a crime perpetrated by a white male.

Someone requires reeducation. Racism against whites is not racism. It is social justice. Ask any college professor or mainstream journalist.

Hat tip: Allah’s Willing Executioners.

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