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Oct 08 2018

When Western Civilization Retracts Instead of Expanding

Today we celebrate (or liberals pointedly refuse to celebrate) Christopher Columbus because of the key role he played in the expansion of Western Civilization. Civilizations expand when they are at the peak of their health. When they become sick, they contract — which is happening now, due to the possibly terminal illness inflicted by leftist ideology.

The contraction of Western Civilization is always nightmarish. For example, after the Roman Empire had fallen and the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire began to decay, contraction allowed Muslim armies to conquer what was then the greater part of the Christian world. Western Civilization was replaced by the savage darkness that formerly highly civilized areas such as Syria are known for to this day.

A more current example of contraction is the withdrawal of civilization from South Africa, which is hell on earth for Westerners left behind.

Even some black Africans have acknowledged what is happening, including Rita T.M. Kufandarerwa:

It cannot be fair on any race to receive retribution for crimes committed in historical epochs that they did not live in. The white Afrikaner faces the same fate as the white Zimbabwean – he was helplessly blamed, demonised, attacked, brutalised and driven into extinction by a black majority.

Currently Cyril Ramaphosa has been imposing what he calls a “radical economic transformation.” This consists largely of confiscating property from people who use it to generate wealth and handing it over to people who won’t. No one except South Africa’s socialist rulers will benefit.

When Western Civilization withdraws, so do basic rights like freedom of speech. Thanks to the tyrannical concept of crimen injuria, South Africans are literally thrown into prison for saying the currently forbidden word “kaffir” (or “kaffer”), which is how Afrikaners have referred to black Africans for centuries.

In the new South Africa left behind by Western Civilization’s withdrawal, small children are choked nearly to unconsciousness by their minders at daycare centers. Infrastructure disintegrates; instead of new roads being built, existing roads rapidly degenerate. In the face of the thuggery the ruling ANC combines with corruption and incompetence, whistleblowers fear for their lives.

All of this was foreseeable in 1994, as was the far worse situation to come as South Africa becomes a failed state like Zimbabwe. When Western Civilization retreats, only darkness advances.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

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