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Nov 08 2018

Where Calling for Genocide Qualifies as Scholarship

In addition to throwing bricks and feces at the police, students at the daycare centers multiculturalism has made of South African Universities sometimes engage in scholarship. When they do, they receive high praise. This was the case for Mlandu Masixole at the University of Cape Town:

Masixole announced on social media the completion of his Honours Independent Research Project in the Department of Politics. The paper, written under the supervision of Dr Lwazi Lushaba, was titled “The Colonizer/Colonized dialectic: A look into Settler-Colonialism as a socio-symbolic order of South Africa.” One of the purposes of the paper, Masixole writes in the abstract, was to argue that “South Africa is a settler colonial society, built and maintained through conquest.”

For this he received a nice pat on the head:

University of Cape Town (UCT) vice-chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng has congratulated a student on his honours project in which he ended his acknowledgements with the phrase‚ “ONE SETTLER‚ ONE BULLET!!”

The vice-chancellor can hardly contain her enthusiasm in this tweet that was deleted overnight, probably because it contained a graphic that included the “ONE SETTLER, ONE BULLET!!” ejaculation:

In South Africa, “settler” is used as a pejorative for whites, like kaffir for blacks, except that you get thrown in prison for saying kaffir.

Most of the whites in South Africa can trace their ancestry in that region back farther than most of the blacks, who came from other parts of Africa for a slice of the pie after the land had been settled by the hated white settlers hundreds of years ago.

Screaming for the murder of whites qualifies as scholarship in South Africa, now that the system is not racist anymore.

These same whites generate the wealth that make universities possible.

Ironies abound in the rainbow utopia.

Past scholarship by Masixole has included painting leftist slogans on a campus memorial that honors students and faculty who went off to die in the World Wars. These slogans included the thought-provoking “F*** WHITE PEOPLE!!” He can’t put that on his curriculum vitae though, because it was expunged from his academic record. This is fortunate, because according to its official handbook, University of Cape Town “prohibits all forms of racism.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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