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Jul 09 2020

Where Political Incorrectness Goes Unpunished

Even liberals now live in fear of getting canceled for some slight infraction against political correctness. However, those who enjoy black privilege can still speak their minds, no matter how offensive their opinions. As mentioned earlier, Louis Farrakhan fan and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson actually quoted Hitler while denouncing Jews. There are more where DeSean Jackson came from:

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson defended DeSean Jackson on Tuesday night, saying the Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver was “speaking the truth” with his social media posts, including an anti-Semitic message that he attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Apparently under pressure, Stephen Jackson deleted his Instagram post. But he replaced it with this eloquent message:

American blacks have known nothing but pampering and privilege for generations now. Yet in the minds of some pigmentally preferred millionaires, this equates to surviving the Holocaust.

Unsurprisingly, Stephen Jackson used to work as an analyst for ESPN.

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