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Feb 20 2019

Where They Don’t Need to Fake Hate Crimes

According to the liberal narrative, racist white thugs prey upon innocent black victims. This is so discordant with reality that progressives rely on constant fake hate crimes to make the phenomenon seem real. In stark contrast, there is nothing unreal about violence inflicted on whites where they are the minority — certainly not in South Africa. These stories from the Rainbow Utopia are all dated yesterday:

Farm attack, woman attacked by 4 masked attackers with machetes, Darling
A farm attack took place in Darling in the Western Cape on 19 february 2019. Four masked suspects with panga’s (machetes) gained access by climbing on to the 1st floor balcony of the home. A female victim was attacked and hit with back of machete handle in her face.

Farm attack, woman (76) overpowered on Rosehill farm, Barkly East
A farm attack took place on 16 February 2019, at Barkly East in the Eastern Cape. An elderly lady (76) was attacked by by one suspect. The attack occurred on Rosehill Farm. The woman was not seriously injured during the attack but was obviously extremely traumatised.

Farm attack, two woman overpowered, assaulted, stabbed, White River
A farm attack took place in White River, Mpumalanga on 18 february 2019… Two female victims were attacked and one was stabbed with screwdriver.

Farm attack: Couple brutally assaulted with machetes, crowbars
A farm attack took place on 14 February 2019 in Sondagsrivier Vallei in the Eastern Cape Province. … A couple were attacked on their farm at around 23:00 that evening and severely assaulted with machetes, crowbars and stabbed.

The odds of any of these farm attacks not involving black assailants and white victims are about the same as the odds of the US media acknowledging what is going on over there.

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