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Nov 10 2019

Where to Look for the Next Bridge Collapse

As noted previously, no lessons were learned from the collapse of Diversity Bridge that killed 6 people. The next catastrophic bridge collapse is likely to occur in Colorado, although it will be more a matter of corrupt cronyism than contrived diversity. Governor Jared Polis has appointed 35-year-old Shoshana Lew, whose education consists of a master’s in history, to be Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Transportation.

From Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle via Animal Magnetism:

She replaced Governor Hickenlooper’s appointment of 56-year-old Michael Lewis, an engineer with extensive public construction management experience. …

Lew’s primary qualification, according to insiders, was her close relationship to Michelle Obama who called the newly elected governor for a favor — find a job for Shoshana Lew. Lew is the daughter of President Obama’s Chief of Staff and later Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.

If a call from Michelle Obama could keep hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett out of jail as has been surmised, it could easily put a random crony in charge of CDOT.

Ms Lew has no apparent interest in Colorado’s crumbling roads, but is heavily into bike lanes, walking paths, light rail, et cetera.

Cronyism is one reason that more government means less competence. Democrats, being the party of Big Government, are reliably the least competent people to put in charge.

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