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Sep 05 2019

Which Is Worth More, an Eagle or a Human?

Having established that a dog that you know is worth more than a random human being whom you don’t, let’s now determine which is more valuable, an eagle or a human. Will Witt hits Echo Park in Los Angeles to learn the answer by presenting petitions to save unhatched birds and to save unborn babies.

Via The Blaze:

“Eagles are people, too,” one woman remarked as she grabbed a pen.

Just like plants.

Then Witt presented the human baby petition.

The same woman who declared “eagles are people, too” hit the brakes when it came to protecting humans in the womb: “I’m pro-abortion. Sorry.”

The devaluation of human life makes any extreme of tyranny possible.

Moronic bumper sticker slogans justifying abortion blow away in the breeze, leaving behind the leaden reality that these people think a bird is more valuable than a person.

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