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Mar 06 2019

Whistleblower Reveals Chaos of NYC Public Schools

An anonymous whistleblower reveals what it is like to teach in public schools in a city that has succumbed to moonbattery, namely Bill de Blasio’s New York:

I am a math teacher at a middle school in Flushing, Queens, and two months ago, I was helping one of my students work out an arithmetic problem when he called me a “f–kin’ asshole.” When I asked for an apology, he shoved a chair at me and stormed out.

Five minutes later, an administrator brought the student back to class. She informed me that she had called his parents and that he could return.

And what did I do? I went on teaching.

Or rather, went on babysitting. How can anyone teach in such an environment? Any students who even try to learn are punished by their peers for acting white. They are just killing time before pursuing lucrative careers as Democrat voters, paid lavishly to do nothing else by the welfare state.

In my 20 years working for the Board of Ed, I’ve never seen such a disregard for the rules — and human decency — as I’m seeing now.

Drug use, sexual assault, fistfights, cursing at teachers, et cetera result in at most an in-house suspension,

also known as a hang-out-with-your-phone-in-an-empty-classroom day.

The savages have no inducement to behave in a civilized manner. They are the future.

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