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May 10 2017

White Cop Sues for Being Discriminated Against for Being Black

Why should blacks get all the black privilege? Whites can have some too; it just takes trace black blood. Ask Cleon Brown of Michigan:

A veteran police sergeant with the Hastings Police Department is suing the police chief and the city, saying he was the subject of racial discrimination.

A complaint filed in federal court alleges state and federal civil rights violations, detailing events following a genetic test Sgt. Cleon Brown took through revealing he is 18 percent black.

Brown claims after he revealed the test results, Hastings Police Chief Jeff Pratt called him “Kunta”, a character in the novel “Roots: The Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley.” The lawsuit also alleges some police department employees started whispering “Black Lives Matter” while pumping their fists as they walked past Brown.

If you poke fun at white people, they are expected to man up and deal with it, but not a person of 18% sacred blackness, certified by

According to his attorney Karie Boylan, there was more to this than normal razzing. Defendants stand accused of unfriending him on Facebook.

Brown is seeking compensation and damages, claiming that being teased was so stressful that it led to health complications. The jackpot will need to be extravagant enough to last the rest of his life, because Boylan says he may not be medically capable of continuing to work for a living.

His skin may not be dark enough for him to be black, but it sure is thin enough. Or maybe Brown is just greedy and shameless. There is a lot of that going around when it comes to lawsuits.

As the advantages and privileges associated with being black continue to pile up, look for a return of the One-Drop Rule. Even a drop of blood from south of the Sahara and you are victim royalty, authorized to use the courts to loot anyone you consider disrespectful.

Brown is white but says he’s black.

On a tip from Jack S.

23 Responses to “White Cop Sues for Being Discriminated Against for Being Black”

  1. Ferd Berfel says:

    another rent seeking moron

  2. SineWaveII says:

    He’s more black than warren is an Indian. He should apply for admission to Harvard.

  3. Steve2 says:

    He’s brown, white and black all at the same time lol, oh silly liberalism.

  4. Andrew Pearce says:

    I don’t see how you can be 18% black, or 18% any group.

    Both parents pure Group: you are 100% Group
    1 parent pure Group: you are 50% Group
    1 grandparent pure Group: you are 25% Group
    1 great-grandparent pure Group: you are 12.5% Group
    1 great-great-grandparent pure Group: you are 6.25% Group

    1 great-grandparent pure Group, 1 great-grandparent 50% Group: you are 18.75% Group.

    There are probably a lot less “pure” white people around than you’d think. Maybe they should do the “one drop rule” thing the other way, and declare endangered minority status.

  5. Andrew Pearce says:

    Isn’t that the old newspaper joke? Well. for old newspapers, red would fade to brown, so it kinda would work. Black and white and Brown all over?

  6. Easy Way #6 says:

    He will win his case. His being regarded as black and experiencing harassment will be enough to win. The percentage of African genes is not relevant.

  7. FeatherBlade says:

    They probably rounded.

  8. FeatherBlade says:

    Or possibly one of the fabled black (heh) knights using the insanities of the system to destroy it from within.

  9. CRC60 says:

    This was done with’s genetic testing which tally’s genes in some way different than the power of two method you suggest. This coupled with the thought our mix may come from a great many directions leads to non-fractional genetics.

  10. CRC60 says:

    “There are probably a lot less “pure” white people around than you’d think. Maybe they should do the “one drop rule” thing the other way, and declare endangered minority status.”

    Awesome observation.

  11. Dad_All_Day says:

    Can someone explain how one drop of “black” blood assigns identity but one drop of “white” blood doesn’t? Where do drops of “hispanic” or “asian” or other blood groups stack up? Is their feminist blood–XX should count somehow. What if you identify as trans-, trans-gender but also trans-racial, which is now a thing, I hear?

  12. StephaneDumas says:

    Now then you mention it, I wonder how Al Sharpton will react if we said he’s a *c-word* because he have one drop of white blood? 😉

  13. Heatherrmurray says:

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  14. Jodie says:

    My guess is that the reason his co-workers teased him and some people “unfriended” him has more to do with the fact that he felt the need to reveal this nonsense from to them. Who would care about his 18% blackness? He is probably a nuisance to his co-workers. And, obviously he has no sense of humor.

  15. Rotohammer says:

    I hope he’s still using sunscreen.

  16. MAS says:

    Lot of that going around these days. Can’t beat em join em…

  17. SNuss says:

    And more he is more black than Rachel Dolezal will ever be. But, I thought it is how you identify yourself that matters, not your genetic traits. Why can’t Officer Brown “identify” as black?

  18. OldSailor says:

    After several hundred years I would imagine that there has to be at least “one behind the wood pile” in every family. That means it’s probable that the vast majority of “whites” in this country qualify under the “one drop” rule.

  19. 762x51 says:

    “One-Drop Rule. Even a drop of blood from south of the Sahara and you are victim royalty, . . .”

    Thanks for clarifying, I thought the Rule meant if One give you any trouble, you Drop them.

  20. Jester says:

    Does this really surprise anyone? After all Ain’t Jemimah, Talcum-X, and Fauxcahontas Lieawatha have done to pave the way, I’m only surprised that ten times more haven’t capitalized on this yet.

  21. BUBBA says:

    Whatever, he is probably queer too>

  22. […] certainly appear to be Caucasian claims to have discovered African ancestry of 18%, and as a result has gotten harassed at work. He’s suing. Of course. The author of the linked blog post takes it as a serious suit. My […]

  23. Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

    Just saw that TGP nuked your comment (and mine). Frankly, I don’t know why he scolded you and not me, your comment was far less “offensive” than mine…

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