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Dec 16 2019

White Girl Murdered, Minorities Hardest Hit

Last week Tessa Majors, an 18-year-old white girl, was stabbed to death in Morningside Park, which separates Harlem from Ivy League Columbia University. She attended affiliated Barnard College. The culprits appear to be Harlem residents 13 and 14 years old. The incident has the New York Times weeping bitter tears — for the plight of minorities:

The university, which has a huge endowment and owns scores of buildings, has been criticized by some longtime residents as a gentrifying force.

Liberals use the word “gentrification” to spin cleaning up slums as something bad.

Maria Lopez, a “longtime park neighbor,” is quoted as follows:

“People with money think, ‘I have the right to walk through here,’” she said.

The implication: arrogant gentrifying white people get what they deserve.

Having established that Tessa had it coming, the Times moves on to identify the true victims in the story:

Some students said they were worried less about their own safety than about the attack being used to portray Harlem as unsafe.

“A lot of response I’m getting from people is, ‘Oh, be careful of that area,’” said [Amanda] Ong, [a] Columbia senior, adding that such a response was “racially coded.”

Frets Columbia student Matthew Lim,

“We know that, just because of one incident, we shouldn’t make broad-stroke judgments about people who live here, but it’s hard if it affects a member of our community.”

The Knockout Game appears to be popular in the park:

Earlier this year, several people reported that they had been approached from behind in the park and punched by young people.

The euphemism “young people” might also qualify as “racially coded.”

The attacks are for both fun and profit:

Since June, five people reported being robbed on or near the staircase at 116th Street and Morningside Drive, near the spot where Ms. Majors was killed.

It must be Columbia students preying on the saintly Harlem Residents of Color. To assume otherwise would be to make broad-stroke judgments.

As predictable as the Times, the city government reacted by denouncing the racists who prefer law and order to anarchy

The local city councilman, Mark Levine … said that some of the messages his office received from constituents after the attack were “laced with ugly and inappropriate racial comments” — some demanding the return of stop and frisk and a more aggressive style of policing more common two decades ago.

Levine needn’t worry. De Blasio won’t try to make the streets safe with proactive policing. That would put him in the position of having to grovel for forgiveness like Michael Bloomberg the next time he runs for president.

No doubt Netflix will produce a series canonizing Tessa Majors’ murderers, as it did with the Central Park Five in When They See Us (see here and here).

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