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May 21 2020

Whitmer Extends Order Forcing COVID-19 Into Nursing Homes

The public was appalled when it came to light that COVID-19 tyrants like Andrew Cuomo and “Rachel” Levine forced nursing homes to accept patients with the Wuhan coronavirus, which predictably resulted in thousands of avoidable deaths. Yet even now, the quintessential petty tyrant, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has been doubling down on a similar policy:

Under Whitmer’s executive order, which she just extended [Tuesday] for a week, any nursing home with less than 80% capacity will be forced to create special COVID units, regardless of their ability to protect their other patients, with the special ventilation systems, trained staff, and personal protective gear something like that would require even if it were advisable, and none of which is included in her order.

The ostensible idea, as with the economically devastating Flatten the Curve game plan, is to relieve the coronavirus burden on hospitals. This burden has so conspicuously failed to materialize that healthcare workers are getting laid off or furloughed across the country.

At this point, it is hard not to suspect that the actual objective is to drive up the mortality rate in hope of prolonging the crisis. Democrats have eagerly exploited it as an opportunity to expand the scope and power of Big Government, which is the purpose of their party. Also, a high body count could mean more federal funds for Whitmer’s state, and killing off the elderly would reduce state Medicare expenses.

The Detroit News is appalled:

About a third of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. have been at nursing homes, and the same is true in Michigan, according to some estimates…

Even the fascistic Andrew Cuomo backed down when the public found out about how many people this policy has killed.

Whitmer, by contrast, renewed her initial order when it expired last week, extending it with an identical mandate — disregarding the concerns and advice of nursing home advocates and legislators.

She has to know as well as we do what the result will be.

The Daily Signal reports that New York has had roughly 30 times as many virus-related deaths as Florida, which has a similar-sized population. The majority of the deaths in New York have been among senior citizens, many of them living in nursing homes.

When it comes to the elderly, Florida’s population is actually much larger. Retirees don’t enjoy subsisting on a fixed income in overtaxed New York.

Unlike Cuomo and Whitmer, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis protected nursing home residents from the beginning, prohibiting COIVD-19 patients discharged from the hospital from returning to their long-term facilities.

Both the lockdown and the death toll have been lighter in Florida, compared to moonbat-ruled New York and Michigan. Please learn from this, voters.

Monica Showalter indulges in some optimism regarding Whitmer:

It goes to show that someone capable of issuing a vindictive little petty tyranny, such as banning sales of garden seeds, is perfectly capable of issuing a big tyranny, too, a death sentence to innocent old people though the most lethal, harm-inducing order imaginable. … One can only hope that in this vile order, she has sown the seeds of her own political destruction even as the old people are put into the ground.

It would be nice to think that being exposed as evil would be a turnoff for Democrat voters. The appalling Gauleiter Gretchen is a favorite to be Joe Biden’s VP, which would make her de facto president if the cognitively disintegrating Biden is elected.

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