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May 21 2020

Who Are the Real Fascists?

“Fascist” is a favorite pejorative of progressives. They use it to discredit anyone to their right. In light of the way liberal Democrat governors have exploited ChiCom virus hysteria to inflict arbitrary tyranny (e.g., Kate Brown, Tony Evers, Roy Cooper, Gretchen Whitmer, Janet Mills, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, J. B. Pritzker, Phil Murphy, Tom Wolf), it will be harder for them to use the term with a straight face in the future. But then, given their apparently infinite capacity for hypocrisy, they will probably manage.

Jason Siler illustrates who the real fascists are by documenting what they do to their victims, including the patriots Karl Manke and Lindsey Graham:

True enough, just as the Democrats’ Green New Deal is not really about saving the planet from the ever-fluctuating climate, Flattening the Curve is about flattening freedom and economic independence, not the ChiCom virus. Well-meaning, competent authorities would have protected the vulnerable rather than placing the general population under house arrest and forbidding much of it from earning an income.

On a tip from Ellen O.

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