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Mar 27 2019

Who Made the Call to Kim Foxx?

The abrupt dismissal of 16 felony charges against hate hoaxer of privilege Jussie Smollett represents such a patently corrupt travesty of justice that even the Mayor of Chicago is appalled. State’s Attorney Kim Foxx had previously recused herself from the case, before stepping in to dismiss it. Is she that worried that a trial would shine a light on the prevalence of hate hoaxes, thereby undermining the liberal narrative? Or are there other motivating factors?

It’s as if a call came down from above telling her to let Smollett off pronto. The call didn’t come from Rahm Emanuel, unless he is now faking his outrage. Maybe it came from the Daddy Warbucks of the radical left, George Soros:

State campaign finance records show that Soros personally contributed a total of $333,000 to Foxx’s super PAC before the March 15, 2016 primary was over, and an additional $75,000 after she won.

You pay the piper, she plays your tune. That could be why Soros has been investing so heavily in local prosecutorial offices.

Then again, maybe the call came from someone else. Michelle Obama, for example:

After being contacted by a Chicago attorney who served as former first lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, the top prosecutor in Cook County asked the city’s top cop to turn over the Jussie Smollett probe to the FBI, according to reports.

The Russiagate debacle suggests that some might regard the FBI as sufficiently politicized to let an investigation people like Michelle Obama want dead die.

Sometimes injustice is so over the top that people get tired of letting it slide. As the Chicago Tribune notes,

It’s an indefensible decision, a deal hashed out in secret, with — this is outrageous — Smollett not even required to take ownership of his apparent hoax. Not even required to apologize for allegedly exploiting hate crime laws. And not even required to reimburse Chicago taxpayers for the enormous cost of this investigation.

No one except Smollett denies his guilt. He paid a trivial fine by forfeiting his $10,000 bond in exchange for getting the charges dropped, his record expunged, and the public court file sealed. Regular Americans don’t get deals like that.

Whoever made that theoretical call to Foxx, this stinks so badly even by Chicago standards that someone may have to cough up some answers.

If the goal was to protect the hate hoax phenomenon from exposure, this is likely to blow up in moonbats’ faces. Sufficient public outrage could make it hard for the media to make the story disappear.

The purpose of the hoax was to convince us that Smollett is oppressed because he belongs to two politically favored identity groups: the black and the gay. That he is the farthest thing from oppressed is now indisputable.

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