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Mar 13 2021

Why a Rattlesnake?

Leftists believe themselves to be in the mop-up phase. They have achieved nearly total control of the media, the public schools, the universities, the major corporations, Big Tech, and now the federal government. As the $1.9 trillion spending blowout makes clear, they are not holding back. They plan to implement their neo-Marxist social justice agenda in its entirety.

This will require disarming the American population. To this end, a variety of bills attacking our constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms have already emerged in the House of Representatives, including HR8, HR1446, and the truly alarming HR127.

Follow the links above for details. There isn’t space to go into the specifics of these bills here. We all know where this is heading: door to door firearms confiscation, as you can expect in a country that has succumbed to authoritarianism.

Even more than reducing elections to charades, firearms confiscation is the key step in the leftist consolidation of power.

We already know that our Democrat rulers hate us. Once they have disarmed us, they can do whatever they want to us. Refer to the fate of dissidents and other disfavored groups in Soviet Russia or the Third Reich for details.

The disarmament will be difficult, if there enough patriots like Reid Henrichs out there. Here he explains why the Gadsden flag features a rattlesnake:

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