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May 16 2019

Why Actual Epidemic of Hate Crimes Is Not News

Sputtering righteousness is just window dressing. The issue is never the issue; the issue is always increasing power for the left. Consider hate crimes. When they increase leftist power, they are treasured by the media, hyped to skies with hyperbolic rhetoric, even though they are often fake. No one needs to fake hate crimes against Jews. But we don’t hear much about them, because they do not advance the narrative:

Orthodox Jews in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn, have experienced alarming rates of physical assault over the past year. The New York Police Department says that hate crimes in the city are up 67 percent this year. Of those, a whopping 80 percent have been anti-Semitic hate crimes. Just this week an Orthodox Jew just walking down the street was attacked from behind, punched in the head by an attacker who then ran away. In another incident this week, an Orthodox Jew was attacked by a group of men, one of whom shouted “You (expletive) Jew.”

This is an all too familiar story in Brooklyn these days, and there is a reason it isn’t being treated as a crisis by our media or government. That reason is that many if not most of the assailants are black or Hispanic men. …

I asked city councilman and candidate for public advocate Joe Borelli if he thought the city and Mayor Bill de Blasio were doing enough. He was succinct, “It seems like the outrage ended when they couldn’t tie these hate crimes to Trump.”

Since Nancy Pelosi lost a power struggle to Ilhan Omar, it has been official that the Democratic Party owns anti-Semitism. Therefore, attacks on Jews will be reported with muddled doubletalk when they are reported at all, since the media establishment is an extension of the Democratic Party. Now back to the Jussie Smollett show.

On a tip from Jester.

2 Responses to “Why Actual Epidemic of Hate Crimes Is Not News”

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