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Aug 01 2020

Why Andrew Duncomb Isn’t Famous

If you don’t know who Andrew Duncomb is, that is because his views are incorrect and he was knifed by an apparent Antifa goon rather than by someone who would better fit the narrative.

Via the Oregonian:

Duncomb, who is Black and a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he had traveled last Friday to Portland from his home in Northern California to document the nightly unrest outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse and county Justice Center.

Rioting (or, as the mainstream media calls it, “mostly peaceful protesting”) had been going on in downtown Portland every night for over 2 months, with the encouragement of the pathetic mayor.

Activists were reportedly alerted to Duncomb’s presence soon after his arrival. No one is hated by white moonbats more than a black countermoonbat.

The trouble in downtown Portland started just before 2:30 a.m. Saturday when a group began trailing him and a few of his friends for several blocks, according to Duncomb and court records.

Blacks who escape the liberal plantation aren’t short on guts. Duncomb made the fateful decision to confront the goons. It was all caught on video.

“Hey buddy, why are you following us?” Duncomb says as he comes up from behind the man and wraps his arm around the man’s shoulder, the video shows.

The man then stabs Duncomb without saying a word, the video shows.

Duncomb said the blade entered his back between his rib cage and hip, just inches from his spinal cord.

Police arrested Blake David Hampe. He looks like a typical Antifa moonbat, if older than most.

Calling to mind Andy Ngo, who has also been subjected to Antifa violence in Portland, Duncomb plans to go right back to providing candid coverage of the “peaceful protesters.” Someone’s got to do it, and it sure won’t be the mainstream media.

It never would have happened, but imagine if a patriot had knifed a black liberal journalist in the back at a Tea Party rally. The victim would be more famous than George Floyd.

On a tip from Henry B.

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