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Sep 01 2011

Why Capitalism Sucks

A moonbat zeroes in on the problem with capitalism: it requires people who want the things that money buys to work. It wasn’t like that in ancient Africa, where they had free electricity. Sorry about the language:

People like this vote. Consequently, Barack Hussein Obama is President of the USA.

Via Nation of Cowards, on a tip from Stop Arguing and Listen.

74 Responses to “Why Capitalism Sucks”

  1. Obongo says:


  2. gorgo says:

    1. Leftist posts links to racist sites on a conservative board.

    2. Leftist says, “Look! Conservative site did not remove link immediately! Conservative site is racist! Conservatives are racist!”

    Nice try. It doesn’t work, but nice try. Learn a new trick.

  3. rockman says:

    Damn, I never knew any of that stuff. The woman is brilliant! Who knew there was an ancient electrical grid in Africa? Her work ethic is absolutely contagious. I’m going to call my boss tomorrow and set him straight!

  4. TheDarkEricDraven says:

    A big problem with you is you never say anything about the racists posting the link in the first place.

  5. TonyD95B says:

    Incredible……and they walk among us.

    Let’s start a collection to buy her that airline ticket back “home” that she says she wants. I’ll even drive her to the airport.

    Yeah, AFRICA – one of the places on this Earth where real racism and real slavery are still practiced regularly.

  6. Jodie says:

    I’m so disgusted, I’m going to call her what my dad would have called her, a…Nincompoop!

  7. MG says:


  8. MG says:

    You know… what’s worse is reading the comments on youtube under this video. People actually AGREE with her! That is FRIGHTENING!

  9. LMS says:

    Uh, who ran up the debt? How about your homeboy obama. You just want to be like him: have other people pay it for you while you sit on your butt. What an inspiration! Don’t let the door hit you in the a** when you leave for Africa.

  10. Bill T says:

    Check out some of this wackos other videos.

  11. bill says:

    I knew it was bad, but this is astonishing.

  12. greaterthepete says:

    I would gladly take out a loan
    to send 4 or 5 of these dumb asses
    over to Somalia,Ethiopia,Egypt,or wherever
    they want to go!Let’s see how long they would last
    under sharia law.Who is with me?

  13. Steve says:

    Just look at the ape profile of its skull.

  14. David Waldman says:


  15. Garpin says:

    What really struck me was her inability to understand the very basic concepts that make up a society.

    Some people lead, some people follow, and those are the people that end up taking care of the people that will do neither.

    She can’t really have any understanding of what her life would have been like in tribal Africa, because the true brutality of the existance in pre-historic times would have her begging for her slave job complete with electric bills, rent, clean running water, take out food, soap, and everything else everyone else deals with. She would most definately be reevaluating her role in the world.

    She really, really needs a history lesson.

  16. claw says:

    Student loans? I didn’t know there’s tuition for elementary school. My advise; get a government job in human services, although she may not qualify. That’s close to not working. Or, contact Swindler and Swindler, the Social Security Disability advocates. Let them defraud the government. Being big, dumb and ugly is enough for her to worry about.

  17. Rob Banks says:

    Well, I’ll be more than happy to toss in a sawbuck to buy her that ticket. Let’s see if she takes up the offer.

  18. Jodie says:

    Maybe she should go to the Ivory Coast, where she would not need to work at a job. She would simply have to engage in sex with the UN “piecekeepers”:

    “United Nations peacekeepers in Ivory Coast enticed underage girls in a poor part of the West African nation to exchange sex for food, according to a United States Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks.

    The cable written in January 2010 focuses on the behavior of Beninese peacekeepers stationed in the western town of Toulepleu, an area that has been at the crosshairs of the nation’s 10-year-long conflict.

    A random poll of 10 underage girls in Toulepleu by aid group Save The Children U.K. in 2009 found that eight performed sexual acts for Benin peacekeepers on a regular basis in order to secure their most basic needs. “Eight of the 10 said they had ongoing sexual relationships with Beninese soldiers in exchange for food or lodging,” the diplomat wrote in the cable, citing information shared with the embassy by a protection officer.”

  19. TexasDoc says:

    Does she really know anything of deprivation? She could not make it one day in Africa without crying like a baby and demanding to be “sent home” to the US.

  20. Joe says:

    You mean to tell me obama isn’t paying your mortgage, your bills? Say it ain’t so. sista! What a DOPE!!!!!
    You don’t HAVE to pay for any of that crap you’re whining about. Go live in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass, and eat bugs like your ancestors.

  21. Fiberal says:

    Was that Moose Obama w/o her make-up?

    When you hire black, you get the attorney back.

    Well, I know who Lao-Z’s in love with now.

    Yeah, BO really came through with that gas money and rent.

    And you guys jump on me for my views on evolution.

    She’s right. She’s a slave. She’s a liberal.

    Call up Al Sharpton, baby. He’ll much you.

    Foul mouth, couldn’t frame the camera right and them cornrolls ain’t been washed in 6 months.

    She wouldn’t have so many money problems were it not for the tattoo bills.

    And the 15 kids. 18 fathers.

    Weekly malt liquor deliveries. Substitute that for water in the water cooler.

    If she wants money, she ought to exercise her constitutional rights to be a ho.

    Got that Back-to-Africa dream? You go girl.

    Get your machete and join the Intera-hameque.

    Now why does she remind me of the kind of black girl R. Crumb used to draw?

    She may not know it, but she’s one curse word and an Affirmative Action ticket away from Moose Obama’s old job.

  22. Mark in Kansas says:

    Water is free. What’s her problem. She needs to get herself a damn bucket and walk on down to the Chatahoochee and get herself some of that free water.

  23. Jodie says:

    Libya would be another good place for this “Bertha” to get an education:

    “Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, acccusing them of fighting for ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi and holding them in makeshift jails across the capital.

    Virtually all of the detainees say they are innocent migrant workers, and in most cases there is no evidence that they are lying. But that is not stopping the rebels from placing the men in facilities like the Gate of the Sea sports club, where about 200 detainees — all black — clustered on a soccer field this week, bunching against a high wall to avoid the scorching sun.

    Handling the prisoners is one of the first major tests for the rebel leaders, who are scrambling to set up a government that they promise will respect human rights and international norms, unlike the dictatorship they overthrew.”

  24. carlos cuellar says:

    Go back you freeloader and so you can starve in africa you self important thug obama voter.

  25. Trace says:

    mmm mmm mmm Barak Hussien Obama MMM MMM MMM

  26. Bill says:

    She says her ancesters didnt have to work and pay bills. Correct, and they lived in mud huts in the desert,took baths in a filthy muddy river, ate bugs and weeds. Oh ya, and they had no electricity.

  27. Charlie says:

    To keep it civil, this person needs a “Checkup from the neck up.” Go away!

  28. Fubho says:

    I take comfort in knowing she is miserable.

  29. Marci says:

    Dark–the woman videotaped herself, she wanted the video out there. She hates the capitalist(ic) system, but is banking on the hits on YouTube which would make her some money. If it makes one a racist to view the video she put out there, well, I’ll be damned! Had no idea, that racist word mutated again! In any case, I say we get her that ticket to Africa.

  30. GoY says:

    I hope this isn’t a racist question, but why haven’t all those African-Americans who hate America so much just moved to Africa?

  31. Craig says:

    It is sad that this person represents a substantial and growing portion of the US electorate. We have an incompetent leftist in the Oval Office now to prove it.

    Here’s what she can look forward to back in Africa:

  32. Screwy Puppy says:

    So yeah, I’ve been drinkin’ agin’.

    As soon as I sober up, I might just put up a collection to move her back to beautiful Africa.

    Actually, Africa is beautiful. However, the people are every bit as awful as the people everywhere else. She will learn.

    Update when I’m sobe ; I’m never sober. WooHoo! Whiskey!

  33. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    David Waldman says:
    September 1, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Fiberal says:
    September 1, 2011 at 7:13 pm
    Call up Al Sharpton, baby. He’ll much you.


  34. Oiao says:

    Well, she just might be too tired to go out and vote during the next election…. Afterall, like paying the rent, why would anyone want to vote, using her rationale.

  35. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    I actually feel sorry for her. She’s a perfect example of the Leftist grievance industry and the dumbing down of the public school system.

    At the very least, she’s not chimping out on some random bus or flash-mobbing with a bunch of other she-boons at some local store. She just wants her baby-raping, murderous, AIDS village/homeland back. I wish I had the means to send her back to Sub Saharan Africa along with the rest of her ill-begotten, low IQ ilk.

    Alas, I am but a lowly white person who cannot afford to send all of the black seeds back to their ‘roots’ where they can have ‘free’ water (with free germs) extracted from a local water hole with a hollowed out gourd or mud-pot and ‘free’ land that is not inhabited by modern civilization. Negroids are very advanced btw…they have solar power [sunshine to keep warm] and really cool braids, lip rings, ear stretchers, neck stretchers and tats.

    All of this ‘work’ and civilization stuff is obviously a huge curse upon the NOA [Negroids of America].

    Ironically, a negroid who wants to go back to the ‘good ol’ days’ is using a very modern form of communication. Shouldn’t she be making clicking sounds and grunting?


    Mindless leftists zombies stumbling around glassie eyed and with that blank expressions on their faces

  37. Provoking 1 says:

    The ancient secrets of freedom are now revealed. I “feel” so enlightened. I bet you she has been listening to Uncle Joe Biden’s bedtime stories…like FDR calming the nation after the stock market crash on national television tapping into African Broadcasting Networks.

    Q: So why did she give up freedom after only a month of being free at last?

  38. Funnybone says:

    I’m gonna cut this dingbat some slack.

    O.K., so let her go to Africa or where ever modern civilization either doesn’t exist or is very limited.

    Living in a hut out in the wilderness has its glory, considering (and she’s right about this) there’s none of the following to worry about: no rent, gas bill, electric power outages–and water is just a skip away down by the river. Fine, sounds good, peaceful and pleasant. No rush hour, noise, no crowded subways or stores, etc.

    However, God designed things on earth to accommodate the sins of the flesh: a system of “no escape.” Let’s go: No rent, but suddenly the hut’s roof is in disarray and needs repair, or the whole thing burns to the ground, and now no landlord to fix or build; well, honey, get your independent non-slave-to-da-system butt out there and WORK! Or sleep with bugs outside. Now, go gather firewood because the trees and brushwood aren’t coming to you–YOU have to chop it down and gather it up–again, WORK! In the darkness of the night, away from the fire in the middle of the village, snakes and other creepy things come to poison and ravage your innards. Now, now, no needles or pills, except whatever paste of weeds and insects you got there that most likely isn’t going to cure much. And don’t forget that tiger milk!

    There’s no need to continue this line of thought and reasoning, for anyone with half a brain can see that no one escapes the necessities of survival and WORK. WORK is the main part of God’s punishment for Man’s fall from His Grace. Another long story, but you get the idea.

    So, people like her will spend their entire lives thinking about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or that the other man’s grass is always greener. Why look! Easy street is just around the corner–a corner we may reach but never turn.

    Cry and gripe all you want honey; ya ain’t escaping nothing. Peace.

  39. ant says:

    Funnybone, you pretty much said what I was thinking, there is no escape from “the sweat of their brow.” It does suck sometimes, but it’s the world we’re born into. No wonder she turned her back on Christianity, as the New Testament says, ‘He who does not work, does not eat.”

  40. Grunt says:

    She HAS to be a troll….I refuse to believe that a woman who has been to college, has had (maybe still has) a job to any degree of success, and is that fragging OLD, could be so utterly hollowed out in the head.

    To those among us that want to use terms like “chimping out” and “she-boon” or compare her to an ape…

    I respect the fact that this is your opinion (you have a right to it), but really, it hurts more than helps the spirit of conservatism. Please consider that when you post. I can honestly say that it ony takes one comment like that to cement the impression that ALL conservatives are of that mindset.

    Since I’m not clairvoyant, I can only speak for meself; I do not agree with such ethnically charged and crude commentary, as I believe that God’s kids are a lot like any other in that stripe cats and solid cats are still cats, and brown cows are just as much cows as the black and white or the red ones. We’re all in the same family.

    Just speaking my peace.
    God bless.

  41. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    “She-boon” and “Chimping out” could be any race since we are all very closely related to primates.

    The UN ‘politically correct’ truth is is that we are not all ‘Equal’ in ANYTHING. Asians and Jews are at the top of the IQ bell curve and Sub Saharan Africans are at the bottom of the heap and even being ‘civilized’ by other cultures, they are still behind everyone else.

    Why? Because they are an ignorant, more aggressive, more cruel and vicious form of ancient man. They cannot control their primal impulses and they have never learned to adapt through hard work and labor which is why they are lazy and would rather just sit around and eat and screw rather than amount to anything worthwhile in life.

    Blacks think every other successful race is evil, greedy and cunning simply because they are more intelligent and successful.

    Although there are a few intelligent blacks who are outliers, the vast majority of blacks are a hot mess and not just in the USA but all over the world.

    Affirmative Action gives you ‘college grads’ like this particular example [0bama being another].

    Some people are stronger and more athletic like blacks and some people are smarter like whites, Jews & Asians and some people are ugly and some people are beautiful.

    There is equal opportunity, but, for some who cannot ever achieve equal intelligence…there really is NO SUCH THING.

    If we shipped the inbred Muslims, the African Americans and the Hispanic all back to their hell-holes, the USA would be an amazingly much brighter place to live.

    Call it racist but it is what it is.

    Our culture is dumbed-down to make up for the ‘dummies’ we let into our once successful Euro/white-Centric culture.

  42. TED says:

    It all started with Stalin’s preoccupation in evolution. He hired a Soviet scientist (Ilya Ivanov) to combine a human with an ape, the intent of which was to produce a being with the intelligence of man and the strength and physical abilities of an ape. IT DIDN’T WORK! What he produced was a being with the intelligence of an ape and the physical abilities of a human. They are called liberals, this woman(?) and ALL of Obama’s voters are examples of his failure. It’s easy to tell the difference between a liberal and an ape, the ape knows he must earn his way in life. A liberal thinks it should be handed to them.

  43. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    I have it on good authority [Charlton Heston] that insulting apes is raaaaaaacist.

    You’re welcome for the FYI.


  44. Funnybone says:

    Ant,(if you are still up and about)

    Also, she’s just another byproduct of weak leadership and perhaps an unscrupulous upbringing, thus exempting her irrational rant in the name of mercy. LOL

    Judges 21:25

    “In those days there was no king in Israel, everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

    I could write a whole book on this verse alone. Maybe I will, but for now, I’m gonna get me some grape drink and continue to read more great comments right here on Moonbattery Central!!!

  45. Grunt says:

    And that is what you believe…but these people are just as able if they aren’t hindered or convinced otherwise. Before “the state” stepped in and started allocating “free money” for folks, some got the idea to start taking advantage of flaws in a system and spread the word. There’s more to it than that, but it’s a great deal like Hitler said: “Tell a lie loud enough and often enough…” Eventually it becomes accepted. Somewhere others took advantage of that and the blacks or whatever ethnic group happens to be of that focus will sit up and take notice.

    I can also say that there are plenty of “proud whites” giving the “system” the shakedown, too.

    Yes, we should all hang on to our culture; once upon a time, black families were as closely knit as any white family. The Dad worked and the Mom raised the kids. Black kids used to be just as mortified at the idea of getting their ass whupped as any white kid, and Hispanic kids didn’t sneer at you if you didn’t understand Spanish, because they spoke it at home, mainly.

    Blacks, Hispanics, Indian (feathered or dotted) are every bit as able to achieve the same greatness as everyone else of they are let to follow the right path.

    There’s been a huge disconnect from the “human” aspect in human society, and we’re well drifted from the proper mores. People are so much more than just averages and “low sloping foreheads” and “chimps”. And like I have mentioned, you are entitled to your belief and your opinion, just like me.

    When you have no mores, you’re adrift. It is my opinion that from a sociological standpoint, one of the most responsible for wounding the lines that kept America tethered more closely to its mores was Alfred Kinsey. (Check out Dr. Judith Reisman’s site…there’s so much there!

    So when you use such phraseology to represent yourself, all the intelligent responses you might make thereafter (and you really have an eloquence that isn’t found on the ‘Net that often) become tainted.

    I’m not calling you a racist personally; it’s over used and has very little weight these days (hang that dried up old thing in the cellar next to “Homophobe”, it’s in good company), I’m petitioning your sense of reasoning.

    Comments of this nature can be hurtful in the sense that as Conservatives and Independents, those on the left already see us as the “enemy” and while the terms “racist” are regarded with little more than the usual eye-rolling here, incendiary stuff is scoured for and posted in the left’s blogosphere to “prove” that those on the right view other ethnicities in a defamatory manner. That really is all that I intended to point out to you: you are handing them fuel.

    We have sites like “Fundies Say The Darndest Things” as an example; this is a site that folks who like to see themselves as too “high minded” to believe in some Sky-Parent like to take little snippets of people’s comments out of context and use this as a means by which to paint everyone with the same brush.

    One example would be DorkLogan (TheDarkEricDraven): He takes one comment made by a teacher to some high school kid and repeatedly posts it and shrieks “He bullied a li’l Girl! That’s what YOU EVIL CONSERVATIVES DO! You’re racist and you’re filled with hate and you pick on defenseless little Muslim girls!”

    I showed him a picture of three grade-school girls and all he had to say about that was “That’s bad too, but He BULLIED A LITTLE GIRL! You’re Not Offended enough! That must mean you approve!” Broad brush strokes ensue. He repeatedly uses that site (“FSTDT”) as his source material, even though it really shouldn’t be taken quite as seriously. An honest skeptic would find the quote in context and see if the way it’s used there is honest; people like DorkLogan do it to perpetrate intellectual dishonesty to let themselves feel better about themselves over their particular target to hate.

    So as Voltaire is rumoured to have said something like, “I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” You’re allowed by our great Constitution to speak your mind. Thing is, it’s good to do so with tact in regard to someone’s ethnic culture–you know, the whole honey vs. vinegar thing.

    I’m just asking you politely to consider not giving the other side ammunition. You don’t have to obey, I’m sure you know that…but it’d just be decent of you.

  46. Grunt says:

    “I showed him a picture of three grade-school girls and all he had to say was…”

    I left out that the grade-school girls were all beheaded for the simple fact that they were Christian, to which his comment was “It’s all bad, but he bullied…” And then continued to shriek that because I wasn’t adequately offended (even though I had clearly stated that I disapproved of the adult teacher talking to a student like that), that it must mean that I believe the kid was treated justly.

    Like so many other things, he was wrong in his assessment. But, hey…being wrong has never stopped him before, so he marches on. (I swear it must be miserable to be this kid…wrong on so many levels….but alas, another tale for some other time!)

  47. Stephan the Original says:

    What a sad, sad case – when she uses a camera made by CAPITALISM and a YouTube service made by CAPITALISM etc etc, as well as believing that Jesus was fictional you are staring into the eyes of someone completely and utterly deluded. Why does she need money to MOVE if everything should be free???

  48. Grunt says:

    I’m not “multi-culti” so much as I’m every ethnic group deserves fair treatment because they’re people first and “ethnic” second. That’s all.

    Multiculturalism is what’s killing Europe because one culture (with the emphasis on “cult”) is working to overthrow another, and the politically correct morons are letting it happen.

    Once again…all I’m saying is that you (and others that remark similar)should consider that you are giving the dopes on the left what they are looking for.

  49. she is mad she cant move to africa because it would cost too much money. no i wouldnt but she would want to move her tv and a bed and all other modern conveniences. if she wants why doesnt she just leave everything and go.

  50. Sgt Brock E Lee says:

    Thanks Grunt for your thoughtful posts. Your main point is well made and will probably be ignored but it was worth saying.

  51. White Falcon 1 says:

    Any bets this heavily medicated chick has been listening to ole faggakhan over at nation of asslam???

    Egypt had electricty before the 19th century…but no less…” a more ancient and “civilized” country…! (hmmm…let ,e take a guess…Boosh’s fault)

    If it werent for slavery, the immancipation (one of the worse moves in the history of all mankind, by the looks of it) capitalsim and the future American way of life…this chick would still be wearing a lion-clothe, carrying 40 gallon clay jugs of that water she bitches about (to no doubt run the pre- Egyptian hydroelectric power plants, no less…)on her flat head, hunting wildebeasts with her teeth…(if she were so lucky as to not have them worn around one of her cousins necks as dowry…annd damn those dentists, anyway, right?) feeding her 1st born children to some volcanic god of mud huts and water pumps, no less… picking head lice out of each others hair with their teeth…walking 4 hundred miles one way to Walmart….then walking back…in snow up to here, I tell ya’….shoving metal plates under their lower lips as an improvement, I’de imagine… giving birth to children they had no concept of nuturing….having their hair and nails professionally done at Phraoahs 1 Stop Hair-n- Nail Place, over on Ceasar road S.E…)yeah…just left of that 2nd pyramid on the right…yeah…thats it!)….all while living in 35, 000 square foot cave- complexes subsidezed by the Egyptian governement through “human aid” loans from those yellow slant eyed folks to the South…..and then…Mo’-ham-head comes along and everyone lived happily ever after, right???

    See….theyve advanced so far in 270 years, huh? If anything…its worse…then they respected the folks who fed them and theirs, even if they didnt appreciate being slaves…they certainly had life a hell of a lot easier then they did on the Serengeti Plains….fighting off prides of hungry lions and jackels at the local Piggly- Wiggly can be a real ass busting bitch!!!

    Tell ya what thta youve pissed me off…sabe a few bucks on those hair and nails, (just dont skip anymore meds, ok) sell your car and save those extra bucks too (no car note, insurance repairs, stereos spinners or gas)…buy yo’ sef’ a one way ticket to say….Mogadishu….yeeeaaahhhhh….thats the ticket…ONE way ONLY…then you too can did with the central air, running water, paved roads, oil, clothes, teeth, fresh food and refrigeration to keep it…satellite phones and intrawebs…and lets not forget BET on HBO every Friday night with the gin and juice and a little bud on the side….!!! Good times…good times!!!

    Whats trully scary is that so many of them actually stupid enough to beleieve this massive rewrite of PROVEN and documented history….and shit….dont even get me started on her views of Christianity….ever notice how the mussies version of pre- everyone else is always such a pleasnt place? Well…if of course, you dont mind being the victim of the occassional and obviously pleasant clitoris modifications….stoning by inbred fathers, uncles and sons…beheadings by inbred tribal leaders (who also happen to conveniently be inbred cousins, uncles, brothers and sons) ….and the occassional F- 16 to simply top it all off and make life a little more interesting, (gotta get yuor exacercise right?…and dont forget your peas…!!!) right??? What a FOOL!

  52. White Falcon 1 says:

    EDIT: “…and you too can live with the central air, running water….”

    ….very late night up studying for my 2nd BA psych finals….almsot 7 months early, but hey!!!(effing capitalists) someones gotta work to feed them….AND minz…too!! LOL

    and as a side note…I AM a human and dont like your new feature…ok? Knock that shit off and get back to work….MUSH…MUSH…MuSH!!!

  53. White Falcon 1 says:

    @ MoonBatFolks: hey…ya’ll folks ever consider putting in one of those little ‘rating’ thumbs up/ thumbs down thingies??? Would sure save this old guy a whole lot of typing…hear?

    NOTE: I have a dyslexic keyboard….deal with it!

    and dammit…Im STILL a human responder…..I keep missing that…..shit!!!

  54. White Falcon 1 says:

    @Grunt: HOOAAH, brother!!!
    former airborne grunt

  55. grayjohn says:

    Total waste of a student loan. Nothing is free you stupid twat! You want free water? Go drink out of a puddle and when you are dying of some horrible disease you’ll understand that treating water costs money! Move to some socialist paradise and STFU you whining idiot c**t.

  56. EscapeVelocity says:

    Give this Negro what she wants, send her back to the Stone Age in some Third World cesspit, where she can while away the time under a shade tree.

  57. Dupree says:


  58. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    Dupree, DUH! haven’t you heard of Welfare for Life, you idiot???????!!!!

  59. ED357 says:



  60. Dupree says:

    I do believe in a social safety net for those in temporary need. But more and more, I’m of the belief that welfare is no help at all.

  61. Sgt Brock E Lee says:

    Hey White Falcon, I believe they’re asking for you over at Stormfront

  62. Artfldgr says:

    if you werent a feminist supporting idiot, like other women, you would NOT be working, would have a man not be alone, and not have kids in poverty with no support.

    now that you have been convinced of liberation
    and have, as marx says, been brought into undustry
    the socialist system you supported needs your taxes

    so now you enslaved yourself
    for war is peace
    love is hate
    and liberation is… class, class, anybody, anybody?

    while out of bondage you sought freedom in bondage
    now that you have freedom in bondage

    too bad… now its a womans world
    and in case you didnt notice, that oppressive patriarchy that wouldnt let you work, its now a feminist matriarchy, that liberated you to work

    why are you complaining?
    women got what they wanted
    a world made by women
    instead of freedom ina world made by men

    hey.. want to guess what other things were also inversions?

    if liberation is slavery
    then the oppressors, are…

  63. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Hey, I was talking to a liberal idiot the other day and he told me that the evil Bush family has just purchased the biggest aquifer in the world in order to steal the people’s water. He says the water belongs to “the people”. He also claimed that China goes to our Great Lakes and drags a big bag to collect water to take back to China and that’s wrong because the water belongs to “the people” here. He complained that the water from the aquifers was being put into plastic bottles and sold elsewhere, more of that zero sum nonsense. He couldn’t grasp that the water does not disappear from the world. This conversation was with a middle aged man at Cracker Barrel who denied being a Dem or Repub. He was proud to be an “independent”. I told him that independents are simply people with no standards of right and wrong, better and best who viewed every issue as an opportunity to make a deal. His mouth hung open. Liberals really are stupid.
    P.S. I googled “bush buys aquifer” and it appears to be “reported” on lib blogs because they bought land in Paraguay.

  64. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:


    Whites/Asians/Jews/Indians/Others have bent over backwards to give blacks in America ‘help’ and ‘respect’ as ‘humans’ and we get SH*T on anyway.

    Case in point

    The truth is, blacks should have never been brought out of the jungle into civilized societies for ANY reason. They would have been much better off in their own primitive ‘culture’ rather than trying to be something they are not. It’s cruel to expect Negroids to go against their own aggressive and lazy nature and try to fit in with Western structure. They just can’t. That’s why they fill up the jails.

    Also, black Sub Saharan Africans are a different species of human from everyone else. Asians/Jews/Indians/Latinos/Whites/Every-other-race but black Sub Saharan Africans have Neanderthal DNA:

    Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal

    Sub Saharan Africans really are a different species of human from everyone else.

    Is anyone really surprised by that though?

  65. Fiberal says:

    Just a correction here, Sexy:

    Sub Saharan Africans are not a different species, they are a different race; or a variant of the same species Homo sapiens.

    A different species would be something like BO. (Actually, he’s a hybrid.)

    That said however, while it is interesting that Neanderthal DNA appears to provide for a difference in racial genomes, it is not clear what the DNA is for. In other words, the Neanderthal DNA in modern humans may be a meaningless, non-coding part of the Homo sapien genome.

    I would also point out that while this may be an eye-opening finding, the results were also published in Molecular Biology and Evolution.

    So I think it is only fair that we conservatives disregard this study as another in a long-line of Darwinian propaganda, rather than look at it for evidence of the evolutionary origins of modern humans.

    This finding does not fit in with our Creationist Pseudoscience and we must be consistent guys.

  66. chuck in st paul says:

    I couldn’t last past a minute of that drivel. If she doesn’t do work of some kind how does she propose to earn food and shelter? It matters not what economic model you live under, someone has to make things and provide services. Apparently this retard thinks (sic) that she should just be given stuff…(??) WTF! Who is going to work to give her stuff with no reward for their work? [oh wait… that’s us, never mind]

  67. Mary says:

    The most astounding thing about her first video, yes I tried to watch part 2, is she really seems to believe that you should not have to work to get anything in life. The problem is that even back in “ancient” times you worked your butt off just to get enough food and water. Like others have said the food did not come to you. Also there was a barter system in place long before evil money became the method of payment.
    I am willing to start a collection to grant her wish to go back to Africa. But I think that first she should be slapped upside the head to wake her up to reality. It does not matter that she is African-American, or any other race,she is just not thinking.

    BTW most of us should double check our spelling and grammer before we hit the submit button. Or we will be giving all the mindless lefties more ammunition.

  68. Grunt says:


    Thanks for all the links.

    I’m not saying anything of the sort. I don’t think ANYONE should just be handed a decent living.

    What I am saying is that all human beings deserve to be treated respectfully–that being, given the same length of consideration as their potential is the same. I don’t believe welfare (ESPECIALLY as it is today!) is a good idea; it institutes an option for those who wish to be lazy to get a free ride at the expense of others.

    I believe that a person should contribute where they can, and work with the team, instead of being rewarded for nothing. It creates the very sense of entitlement you see in videos like this all over the Ether

    My whole point to you isn’t a matter of right vs. wrong, per se…it’s a matter of considering the value what you have to offer adds, when it’s interspersed with words like “chimping out” and “she-boon”. (Felt the same about the Chimp/Bush photoshoops) I simply asked that you take into consideration that the words you use reflect negatively on a particular demographic (conservatives) and that those looking for it will use those words to paint us all.

    I cannot stop you from using them, but I can attempt to appeal to your better rationale.

    If you feel that this is necessary to convey your message (the initial point you had made was agreeable in the sense that the woman in the vid is clearly wrong and her thought process is flawed on levels that boggle the normal mind), I cannot, nor would I make strides to silence your point (whether or not I agree).

    Just that the words you use have the capacity to create a shift away from reasonable and into slur-territory. The same argument could be said for the hateful crap spouted by NBPP; if they want to get their point across, they could achieve that far better with intelligence and reason, and offering points of address.

    Of course, nothing gets a message across quite like SHOCK, does it..?

    Anyway, I don’t disagree with the spirit behind your first post’s point, I just feel the terms used subtract from it.

  69. Joek Loth says:

    ALMOST EVERY COMMENT ON THIS dumbbitch WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! OKay I didnt read EVERY comment but thats why I said A L M O S T ! ! !

    FROM A PSYCHOLOGICAL/EVOLUTIONARY(afrika being the craddle of civilization) POINT OF VIEW, SEXY SNAKE EYES (who I hope is a female, with a name like that!!) HAS A VALID ARGUMENT/HYPOTHESIS as to why blacks, (not all blacks are afrikan), consistantly fail to intergrate, without violence, into society.(meaning that they intergrate with violence?!!!!!NO) I believe that a large part of this disintergration of the black society is a hereditary (in their DNA) belief that conforming to society’s NORMS is equivolent to selling out to WHITEY THE OPPRESSOR (ironically a majority of black chicks try to look white, i.e.; Beyonce’ and any chick who STRAIGHTENS OUT THE KNAP OF HER CURLS)!!! LMASSOFF FOR ALL OF YOU FUCKING obama IDIOTS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!

  70. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    @Fiberal & Grunt

    Firstly, I must apologize for my ‘liberal’ usage of inflammatory lingo which, yes, *sigh*, does none of us any good. But, got dang! I’m so disgusted and frustrated and sickened lately by the ‘people’ who have only one wish and that is to, “GET WHITEY!”

    Fiberal: Regarding DNA. Well, there’s more than that. There’s also skull size. Meh. I needn’t get into a whole hypothesis on that with someone who is clearly more learned in that particular science than I. *wink-wink-wink*

    @Joek Loth, yes I am female. lmao

    Yes, I know that not all ‘blacks’ are “SSAs”, but it’s the “SSAs” who are our “African Americans” we are actually dealing with. People who were conquered by other black tribes and sold to the highest bidder.

    How do I put this gently?

    Think about it…

    Black Sub Saharan Africans have the lowest intelligent quotient, least ability to have self-control and more prone to violence. With me?

    THEN, you have these savages picking off other savages who ‘they’ deem as even ‘lower’, ‘lazier’ and more ‘ignorant’ than themselves and selling them for profit.

    So, what we essentially have in America is the ‘dregs’ of the dregs regarding Negroids. Enslaving the fatally flawed Negroids [in essence] skipped Darwin altogether and now we are dealing with the consequences. If people hadn’t wanted slaves, those Negroids would have been butchered by the winning tribe rather than kept alive and sold to the highest bidder.

    I would call this the law of “unintended consequences” because I think many white people thought that they could tame the ‘savage’.

    Whites being “TERRORIZED” on the streets by black racists !

    Wake up, White, Christian America.

  71. Grunt says:

    Agreed, Snake-Eyes.

    Y’know, somewhere on my computer’s harddrive I have a 25 page document highlighting tons of hate-crimes that weren’t prosecuted as hate-crimes, even though the perps were shrieking racial epithets or admitted that their motivations were racial. Yes, they are black on white crimes.

    I’m also aware that even though the demographic footprint of blacks and Hispanics is smaller than the Caucasian footprint, they have a larger percentage of crime (according to FBI Statistics back in 2007 or so).

    I don’t refute that you’re right in that blacks do tend to be more racially bigoted…and it’s REALLY gotten bad since Obummer took the presidency.

    The left has spent decades polarizing people on the boundaries of race because the difference between “race” and “culture” have become so utterly blurred that they’ve become synonymous.

    “Race” isn’t a reality, but culture is….there’s a very large portion of caucasians in Africa, yet the first thing we think of at the mention of that Continent is “tribes”, like the Bushmen living in mud huts with thatch roof tops.

    Just like in America, there’s a mixture of culture, yet most of what the world sees at the mention of the USA is “fat, white, Bible-Thumping and intolerant, ignorant, unenlightened”. It’s an image that’s perpetrated as a fact when most who care to find out know different.

    Sadly, too many are distracted with self-gratification to find out different, and that’s a shame.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

  72. working up a sweat says:

    All I got to say. Where are your baby daddy’s? Find a good man that will support your lazy azz and pay your credit card and bills. You can’t go around life being that angry. That’s why the bro’s are chasing white women.

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