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Dec 15 2019

Why CNN Is Powerless Against Memes

The reason leftists constantly get routed in the Meme War is that memes require a sense of humor, which moonbats conspicuously lack. Consider the meme below. It references the Marvel comic book character Thanos, who has the power, according to his creator, to wipe out “half of the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet by snapping his fingers”:

This is grave stuff — or at least it is if you are a Democrat apparatchik. As noted at BlabberBuzz,

What added the humor of the tweet was the reaction from CNN starting with Don Lemon going full Margaret Dumont over it that evening.

Margaret Dumont played a comic foil in Marx Brothers movies. Via Wikipedia:

Dumont’s character would often give a short, startled or confused reaction to [Groucho’s] insults, but appeared to forget them quickly.

Similarly, Lemon is able to forget the horror of Thanos by smugly reminding himself that prior to this Congress, impeachment was regarded as meaningful. Watch and laugh:

Lemon’s CNN colleague Brooke Baldwin was just as hilariously starchy about the goof-off meme.

CNN takes humorous memes directed at itself even more seriously. A meme depicting Trump beating up the CNN logo upset these militantly anti–free speech liberals so much that they used the threat of doxing to coerce an obsequious apology from its creator.

On a tip from Bluto.

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